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What's the ending of "if you can love like this"? Geng Mochi didn't die in the ending of the three m

Recently, the modern urban emotional drama "if you can love like this", starring Tong Dawei, Liu Shishi and Bao Jianfeng, is on the air. Just a few days after its launch, it has attracted the attention and heated discussion of many audiences, especially the ending of the three male and female protagonists in the play, which makes the audience very curious. This article brings you the ending introduction of the three male protagonists in the TV series "if you can love like this". Let's have a look.

The first is Geng Mochi, male No. 1. He is an internationally famous piano artist. He is sensitive, suspicious and unpredictable. Geng Mochi seems cold, but his heart is warm. He loves Bai kaoer deeply, but he suffers from heart disease. In order not to delay Bai kaoer, he chooses to leave her. However, Bai kaoer is a woman who is supreme in love. She never leaves Geng Mochi. The love between them is very cruel. But in the end, Geng Mochi didn't die, and Bai kaoer was happy together. Of course, the reason why they get happiness is also because of Qi Shuli's accomplishment.

Then there is Qi Shuli, the second male. He is Qi Shujie's brother and a successful person in business. He is mature, heavy and charming. Qi Shuli is devoted and overbearing to love. After his brother's death, he fell in love with his former sister-in-law Bai kaoer and launched a crazy pursuit of her. However, Bai kaoer loves Geng Mochi. At first, Qi Shuli did everything he could to get Bai kaoer, but then he learned that he had liver cancer and took the initiative to donate his heart to Geng Mochi. Qi Shuli finally used his life to make Geng Mochi and Bai kaoer happy. It's really distressing.

Finally, Luo Hao is Milan's boyfriend. He is very good to Milan. He can be said to be a warm man at the national treasure level. Luo Hao and Milan have been together for many years. They worked hard together, but Milan couldn't stand this life and finally chose to break up. Luo Hao likes stability, but Milan are people who aim high together. It is inevitable for them to break up.