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What does the final ending of the tuner mean? Is Akash blind? Analysis of the tuner's ending

Recently, the Indian suspense divine film "tuner", which is being shown in the cinema, has been hotly discussed by the majority of the audience. The plot of the film has turned over more than 50 times in 139 minutes, which completely surprised the audience. At present, Douban's score has reached 8.4, which is a suspense masterpiece worth seeing. Friends who have seen the film know that the ending of the film is an open ending, so many people don't understand the ending of the tuner. Is the protagonist Akash blind in the end? When did Akash start lying? This article brings you the answer. This article involves serious spoilers. Please read it carefully if you haven't seen it.

At the beginning of the tuner, it was Akash, the 'blind' piano tuner, who was knocked down by the girl Sophie when crossing the road. Sophie was fascinated by Akash's talent and optimism. At this time, the keynote of the film is' love film '. When Akash came home and took off the contact lenses needed to be blind, the audience shouted fooled and began to worry about how he explained and retained love with his lover. Then 'blind' Akash accidentally broke into a murder scene. In order to protect his life, he had to continue to be blind. From then on, the film began a breathless high-rhythm brain burning journey. Again and again in distress, again and again reversed, the evil of human nature makes people stunned.

After watching the movie, most people will ask a question, what is the ending?

Remind again, people who haven't seen the film don't read down!

This open ending with profound implication -- is the protagonist Akash really blind or false blind? Is what he said to his ex girlfriend Sophie true or false?

First of all, the answer to the first question should be more certain: Akash is false and blind. Because of his precision in hitting cans, it is by no means blind. This brings two questions. First of all, since he jumped out of the sky and continued to pretend to be blind without looking for Sophie or learning a lesson, his character is also questionable. Therefore, the story he told her after meeting Sophie may be made up. In particular, if he can't see, how can he know that the rabbit caused the car accident, not to mention how can he know that the rabbit is blind in one eye? It is more likely that the doctor did take Simi to sell his liver and gave him a corneal transplant to recover his eyesight. The biggest doubt is this picture. When the audience watched the film from the perspective of God, the doctor's car had gone far. In the version described by Akash, their car stopped because they heard the sound of the trunk, resulting in the version of Akash. The doctor was blocked, and the lady of Akash pleaded for Simi, which led to Simi's impulse to let him go (later Simi repented and wanted to kill him, but was hit by a rabbit).

The second question is when Akash began to lie.

I think he lied from the time when he told the story. The story is easier to accept. However, the film has more details, suggesting that things are far more than that.

The audience's thoughts were firmly grasped by the reversal of the ending, but they forgot a crucial message at the beginning of the film. That's a male narrator: 'it's a long story, coffee?'

In other words, the content shown in the whole film is not from the perspective of God, but is probably a story told from the man's mouth.

If so, it means that in addition to the details made public, such as the death of simi's husband and the death of the neighbor's old lady, many other plots are told by Akash himself, and the authenticity needs to be considered. In this way, more details need to be answered. For example, what is the fate of doctors? Simi must have died in the end, but how? There can be no answers to these, so it's up to everyone to guess.

By the way, the actress who plays Sophie is RADHIKA & bull; Apt. Her other film, hot, is also very good.

The film tells how three women with different destinies embark on the road of resistance. It is heavy but hopeful. It is worth seeing.