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Is our distance from evil good? What's the score of Douban? Our distance from evil

recently, the distance between us and evil, starring Jia Jingwen, Wu kangren and Wen Shenghao, premiered in Taiwan, China on March 24, 2019. Once the play was broadcast, it attracted the attention of many netizens and gained a good reputation. After six episodes, Douban's score rose by 9.3 points, and many netizens gave five-star praise, This play is also known by netizens as the highest score drama in Chinese in 2019. So what is the TV series "the distance between us and evil"? What are the highlights? This article brings you the plot and highlights of the TV series the distance between us and evil. Let's have a look.

9.4 points! Jia Jingwen's new play is also very good-looking!

Not an idol play, serious, very serious

When the distance between us and evil was launched at the end of last month, many people were most concerned about the heroine Jia Jingwen's strong return to the drama screen after 15 years. 'Jia Jingwen + drama' seems to be the standard of idol drama, but this drama is not at all! The beginning is a bloody shooting case two years ago: murderer Li Xiaoming suddenly shot at the audience in the cinema, resulting in a tragedy of 9 deaths and 21 injuries at the scene. It is the most random homicide in Taiwan in recent five years.

The whole play revolves around the four families involved in the indiscriminate Murder: the family of the shooting victim, the family of the shooter, the family of the defense lawyer and the family of a mentally ill person. Driven by the shooting and various dramatic coincidences, the four families have produced various legal and emotional connections & hellip& hellip; The attraction of the story is that it is much more complex than 'killing for life'. Is there a standard answer to what is good and what is bad? Which is more important, procedural justice or substantive justice? Where is the boundary between law and public opinion?

The play did not go through high-profile preheating before it was broadcast. It attracted the audience by hard core quality. Word of mouth competed with Amway. The audience attracted by 'Jia Jingwen's new play' and '9.4 points' almost unanimously exclaimed: this play is also very good-looking! Song qiao'an, the heroine played by Jia Jingwen, is faced with emotional irritability and collapse, the family is on the verge of being broken, and her daughter is confused and alienated due to the death of her child. They are both parents who have lost their son and media people who need to objectively analyze news phenomena. Lawyers defending murderers should not only adhere to legal justice, but also face the incomprehension of netizens and their wives & hellip& hellip; In fact, the play is based on a real random homicide, that is, the famous "little light bulb incident" in Taiwan. The girl's mother does not just ask for punishment of criminals, but hopes to fundamentally analyze the causes of malignant cases.

The main creator of this high score drama is also quite hard core: HBO participated in the production, and LV Shiyuan, the screenwriter of "who falls in love with him first", plays the script, starring Wu kangren, the golden bell film emperor who is the best choice of the script & hellip& hellip;

Longer than "forever,",

Middle aged actresses, professional dramas and water injection dramas!

When was the last time you saw a play? Destined to love you? The queen of the loser dog? I may not love you? Many people exclaimed that the original non idol drama of Taiwan opera could be so good-looking! What is more profound than ordinary crime dramas and ethics dramas is that the distance between us and evil is not to discuss who is right, who is wrong, who is bad and who is good, but to further explore many social phenomena and different positions and helplessness, including cruelty, negativity, healing and reflection. We make complaints about the pain of bereavement recently. We have just been in the acclaimed movie "forever." and the distance between us and the evil is much larger than the movie. The discussion and thinking is deeper and wider. The main point is that the 9.4 points of the play can be a clear positive reference for our past years of repeated Tucao and anxiety.

1、 About 'middle-aged actress'. Since actresses like Jiang Wenli didn't play, the embarrassment of middle-aged actresses has been mentioned again and again in the past two years, and Jia Jingwen's wonderful return proves that middle-aged actresses should not only dress up as girls and play mothers, and they don't have to worry about freezing age and appearance. Appropriate roles and distracted performances are the king!

2、 About 'professional drama'. Alyssa Chia make complaints about occupation. He is also a professional actor. In recent years, occupation dramas have been Tucao not occupation, occupation is only a professional coat, but "we" is not professional drama, but the drama part of the play is very professional and very real. Whether it is the media industry where the victim's husband and wife are located or the legal field where the defense lawyer is located, the audience said that they are very professional and 'lose heart at a glance'.

3、 About 'water injection drama'. There is no need to say more about the water injection drama. Now any drama can easily shoot 70 or 80 episodes. First of all, of course, the market situation of "selling by episode". The more water injection, the higher the total price. Of course, there is the problem of publicity and fermentation period. The drama side and broadcasting platform are worried that the drama is too short and it will be finished before the topic is fired, but look at the distance between us and evil. There are only 10 episodes! Because of the powerful gene of HBO, the plot of the play is tense, the rhythm is compact, it is completed at one go and thought-provoking, and there is no garbage plot at all. We haven't seen a good play about 10 episodes for a long time. Facts have proved that as long as the standard is excellent, 10 episodes can also earn full attention and reputation.

Because the play hasn't finished yet, the audience generally predicts that there will be an open ending. In fact, there can't be a perfect solution to this huge tragedy, and many problems in the play are complex and unsolved. Just like the seemingly unpleasant lawyer, some people say he is too holy mother, others think he is too axial, But many times in reality, such people need such persistence! Imperfect roles, imperfect couples, imperfect families & hellip& hellip; This itself is what the play makes us think.