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How can the factory break out when the tide of factory physical bankruptcy comes?

With the advent of the Internet age, the impact on the real industry needs to be viewed from the point of view of splitting into two. It has brought more opportunities to the real economy, but the impact on the entity is not small. People can buy what they want without leaving home, resulting in a sharp decline in the traffic of people in the real store and a sharp decline in business! So, how can the existing factories break out when the tide of factory physical bankruptcy is coming?

Due to the progress of the times and the advancement of the trend, change is formed naturally, not forcibly intervened by Internet e-commerce. Even if the Internet does not come, the physical store is also at the moment of innovation. There is no constant model. Similarly, doing business is to change. Like advertising, it is impossible to use the same advertising words at each stage. It is necessary to modify and change to change better advertising words to attract the attention of customers.

Now that the trend of the times has come, we should embrace the times and trends. This is an opportunity. At the same time, Internet platforms or e-commerce platforms do not produce physical goods. Do we need suppliers? Don't you need to import products? Then the question comes again. Why do many physical factories and stores close down?

Some are factories and shops, which have not innovated and upgraded their own industrial model. Some are poorly managed and affected by the cold winter of the global economy, so there is a wave of bankruptcy! Can this tide of entity bankruptcy be avoided? Of course! This requires you to learn to accept and integrate into the Internet. In this way, it has become a cooperative relationship and has great prospects for development.

The Internet has big data and traffic pools all over the country and even the world. There are huge consumer groups here. No matter what entity you do or what factory you open, as long as you understand win-win cooperation, the world is still your world, entity or brilliant entity. At the same time, with the help of the Internet platform, you can also start the road of brand upgrading, It's the best of both worlds.