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How to handle the annual inspection of vehicles in different places? What are the specific steps?

For convenience, many people will buy cars as a substitute salary, but some workers need to work in other provinces for a long time due to the nature of their work, but cars need annual review. If they ask for leave to go back to handle the annual review, it will not only cost a lot of money, but also work hard. With the change of policy, the annual review of vehicles can now be carried out in the field, which is divided into the following steps:

In the first step, the owner needs to issue a notice of entrusted inspection at the original registered vehicle management office (for example, Ms. Li bought the car in Beijing and hung the card, which is the original registered vehicle management office in Beijing), and agree to entrust Xi'an (or other cities) vehicle management office to carry out the annual inspection of the vehicle.

It should be noted that when issuing the annual inspection power of attorney for vehicles, you must go to the original registered vehicle management office. If you do not handle the power of attorney for vehicle review in other places, the vehicles settled in other places cannot be subject to normal annual review elsewhere. However, when handling the power of attorney for vehicle examination in other places, the owner himself does not have to go by himself. Relatives and friends can go to the original place of registration and send it back to Xi'an.

To handle the notice of authorization for annual vehicle inspection, you should take the owner's ID card, driving license, vehicle insurance data, copy of the original vehicle and vessel tax, and application for annual inspection in other places to the vehicle administration office at the place of registration.

The second step is for the owner to inquire the information at Xi'an vehicle management office. According to the normal procedure, after the owner has gone through the formalities for the annual examination of entrusted vehicles in different places in the original registered vehicle administration, the original registered vehicle administration will issue a paper power of attorney to the applicant and send the notice of online entrusted vehicle annual inspection to the entrusting party's vehicle administration. After the owner inquires the relevant vehicle entrusted annual inspection information at the vehicle management office, he can handle the normal remote vehicle inspection.

The third step is to send the vehicle for inspection. After the annual inspection procedures of the entrusted vehicle are completed, the owner drives the vehicle to the vehicle inspection hall next to the vehicle management office for on-line inspection.

Step 4: print the annual inspection certificate. After passing the vehicle inspection, take the vehicle inspection report to window 6 on the second floor of the office hall of Xi'an Vehicle Management Office (Guo DU) and print the inspection qualification mark.

Step 5: send the online information back to the original registered vehicle management office. After the annual inspection of vehicles is completed, the annual inspection information of vehicles will be transmitted back to the vehicle administration office of the original registration place through the network. The next year's vehicle review will be handled in the same process.