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What are the new regulations for electric vehicles? When will it be officially implemented?

With the continuous progress of society, people's income is also increasing synchronously. Now the transportation is more and more convenient. The continuous renewal and popularization of cars has become an indispensable means of transportation in life. However, the improvement of car utilization has led to traffic congestion and the emergence of an army of electric vehicles. In order to manage effectively, what are the new regulations on electric vehicles? When will it be officially implemented?

Now, the state has promulgated a new regulation "technical code for safety of electric bicycles" in order to control the chaos of the domestic electric vehicle market, and the new regulation has also begun to be formally implemented throughout the country, which is also very strong for the rectification of electric vehicles all over the country. The new rules for electric vehicles will be officially implemented on April 15. It's too late to win the move. It's better to take a look in advance and be ready to deal with it.

The new regulations clearly stipulate that the maximum speed of electric vehicles shall not exceed 25km / h and the battery voltage shall not be greater than 48V. However, we observe that the electric vehicles on the market are basically higher than this speed. According to the provisions of the new regulations, this type of electric vehicle does not belong to the type of electric vehicle, but belongs to the ranks of electric motorcycle. This type of electric vehicle needs a license plate, and the driver also needs to obtain a driver's license. Violations are the same punishment as motor vehicles.

Therefore, if your electric vehicle exceeds the standard, you need to obtain a driver's license. The new electric vehicle driver's license is f, which needs to be obtained separately. What I want to tell you here is that even if we hold a C photo in our hands, we have no authority to drive such an electric car. Therefore, when the traffic police check the car, if you show a C1 driver's license, it is completely useless. You will be directly judged as driving without a license, and even deduct all your C1 driver's license scores.

After seeing these efforts, people who often drive electric cars should be unhappy. After all, the control is strict. But for some car owners, it is good news. I believe that after the formal implementation of the new regulations, there will be no such behavior as electric vehicles running red lights and not driving according to the regulations on the road, right? Once they appear, they should also be punished. For some electric vehicle owners without quality, it is also a kind of strict control!

Many traffic accidents are caused by the reckless behavior of some electric vehicle owners. Generally speaking, the implementation of this provision is very responsive to public opinion. After all, there are many regulations on state-owned national laws, family rules and starting motor cars, so electric cars are also indispensable.