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What are the new rules for eliminating points of driver's license? Can you lend it to others?

Due to the popularity of cars, the ownership rate of driver's license has increased year by year. Many friends who have driver's license but do not buy a car have become an important source of points for car owners, and even the phenomenon of buying and selling driver's license points. In order to further standardize, let drivers drive civilized and reduce road traffic violations, the state has made more comprehensive provisions on driver's license points. What are the new regulations? Can you lend it to others?

The new regulations stipulate that drivers who handle off-site punishment business through self-service channels such as self-service machines, mobile app and websites need to register their real name through the 'traffic control 12123' mobile app and bind the corresponding vehicles, or bind them face-to-face through the traffic police punishment window. This means that after March 1, if the driver's license is not successfully bound to the corresponding vehicle, it will not be able to deal with electronic eye violations for others. Like before, many children often find relatives and friends with driver's license but no car to deduct points, or spend money to find illegal 'scalpers' to eliminate points, which will be limited. The bound vehicle must be a motor vehicle under the personal name, and must be a small vehicle or a small new energy vehicle. Carrying information: bound drivers must be present and submit the original of their ID card and motor vehicle driver's license. In case of binding a non personal vehicle, the original ID card and motor vehicle driving license of the owner of the bound vehicle shall also be submitted.

Although the help of driver's license to eliminate points generally will not have a great impact, it is recommended that the driver's license should not be borrowed indiscriminately. The deduction of points for lending a driver's license to others will have many effects, such as affecting the application for the validity of the driver's license. Even suspected of breaking the law, or bear legal responsibility.

How to deal with C1 driver's license deduction?

In each scoring cycle (generally within 12 months from the date of first obtaining the driver's license), the traffic violation score is less than 12 points, and there is no violation (there are violations to be dealt with) the next scoring cycle will automatically return to zero; For example, in the annual examination of driver's license No. 10.1, as long as the driver's license has no violation before No. 10.1 (violations need to be handled), if it is less than 12 points, the driver's license will be automatically cleared to No. 10.1 and will not be included in the next scoring cycle. However, if the driver's license score exceeds 12 points or there are violations that have not been handled, it will be included in the next scoring cycle.

Drivers who have scored 12 to 24 points (excluding) for the first time only need to pass the examination of subject 1 to clear the traffic violation score. Drivers who have scored 12 points or more for two or more times or have accumulated more than 24 points (including) in the same cycle must take the examination of subject 1 and subject 3 each time, and the score shall be filed and cleared by the traffic management department. Among them, the period from the driver's initial license date to the day before the same day of the next year is a traffic violation scoring cycle. If the driver's initial license date is April 1, 2017, which traffic violation scoring cycle is April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018.