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Which is better, lithium battery or lead battery? Why are lithium batteries more expensive?

As batteries for electric vehicles, lithium batteries and lead batteries have their own advantages and disadvantages. The evaluation of quality is also based on the key characteristics of customers' demand for product performance. We can't just say which is better. Lithium batteries and lead batteries have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let's talk about their advantages and disadvantages and the reasons why lithium batteries are more expensive?

So far, lead-acid batteries occupy most of the market share, while the market share of lithium batteries is relatively small.

Advantages of lead-acid battery: after years of market accumulation, the production process of lead-acid battery has been fully industrialized, the price is transparent, the cost is low, and the production, recycling, after-sales, sales, maintenance and other links have been fully market-oriented.

Advantages of lithium battery: small weight and large power. The vehicle is relatively light, environmentally friendly, has a long range, the power is not affected by the weather, and there are fewer fake goods in the market.

Disadvantages of lead-acid battery: the battery is heavy and occupies a large space. The battery is sensitive to temperature, which will lead to power attenuation due to low temperature. The battery life will be affected in winter, which is easy to cause environmental pollution. The market is full of fake goods and the product quality level is uneven.

Disadvantages of lithium battery: high cost, high price, imperfect recovery mechanism, and it is troublesome to replace the battery.

Why are lithium batteries expensive?

1. Lithium battery has light weight and high energy density. The weight of lithium battery under the same voltage and capacity is only one third of that of lead-acid battery.

2. Lithium batteries are environmentally friendly. The materials used for lithium batteries do not contain polluting heavy metals, so once scrapped, they have little impact on the environment. 3. The voltage of lithium battery is high, and it can reach higher voltage under the same number of strings.

4. Lithium battery has small internal resistance and can discharge with high current and high rate.

5. Compared with other secondary batteries, the memory effect of lithium battery is small and can be basically ignored.

Lead acid battery:

1. Large capacity and high specific energy: it is made by special process and its capacity is greater than 100% C2;

2. The self discharge rate is very low. It adopts high-quality alloy grid and ultra-pure electrolyte, with very low self discharge rate and very little water loss;

3. Long cycle life: high sealing reaction rate and long service life. The cycle life is more than one year under normal use at 25 ℃. Maintenance and use according to regulations can greatly prolong the service life;

4. Safe and reliable: the safety valve with unique design is adopted, with durable service time and superior safety performance;

5. Fully sealed anti leakage structure: the battery can be used in any direction (except inversion), which not only has the advantages of fully sealed valve control, but also has the characteristics of maintainability;

6. Various forms of use: both floating charge and recycling.