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What is the employment prospect of artificial intelligence? Recommended by artificial intelligence C

With the development of the times and science and technology, artificial intelligence has become a major research direction needed by human beings. Now many students are considering whether to choose the major of artificial intelligence. So what are the employment directions of artificial intelligence? What is the employment prospect of artificial intelligence? Which colleges should I go to if I want to learn Artificial Intelligence? This article brings you the analysis of artificial intelligence specialty, employment direction and employment prospect. Let's have a look.

Analysis on employment direction and employment prospect of artificial intelligence specialty

Introduction to artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a comprehensive subject including computer, cybernetics, information theory, neurophysiology, psychology, linguistics and so on. From the perspective of computer application system, artificial intelligence studies how to manufacture artificial intelligent machines or intelligent systems to simulate human intelligent activities and extend human intelligent science.

AI requires a very wide range of knowledge and training. What AI students should be prepared for is that you need not only the strong basic knowledge of CS, but also some knowledge of cognitive psychology, linguistics, philosophy and Engineering in order to develop more smoothly in the future. In addition, you also need to master some skills and tools, such as statistics, neuroscience, control, optimization and operations research. Therefore, AI applicants do not simply aim to become it people, but to have a wealth of knowledge and skills. In the future, they are mostly aiming to be researchers.

What major does artificial intelligence belong to

Artificial intelligence is an interdisciplinary subject of natural science and social science. It has a strong correlation with many disciplines such as computer science, informatics, mathematics, neurophysiology, cognitive science, psychology and so on. At present, artificial intelligence has received extensive attention in the field of computer, and has been applied in robot, economic and political decision-making, control system, simulation system and so on.

Therefore, considering these interpretations, majors related to computer and mathematics can be selected at the undergraduate stage, such as computer science and technology, software engineering, communication engineering, applied mathematics, statistical mathematics and other majors, as well as the newly established majors of intelligent science and technology, data science and big data technology in Colleges and universities in recent years. In addition, automation and machinery majors can also be considered. Some colleges and universities extend to the direction of artificial intelligence on the basis of such majors.

Recommended by colleges and universities related to learning artificial intelligence

Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University, China University of science and technology, Harbin University of technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University, etc. On May 28, 2017, the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences issued a document to establish the College of artificial intelligence technology, becoming the first new college in the field of artificial intelligence technology in China to comprehensively carry out teaching and scientific research. These universities can be the first choice, but the research directions of artificial intelligence in each university are different, so we should distinguish between them.

At present, there are more than 30 universities offering intelligent science and technology, which can also be selected, such as Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, Central South University, Nankai University, Xiamen University, Hunan University, Capital Normal University, Xi'an University of Electronic Science and technology, Wuhan University of engineering, Beijing University of Science and technology, etc. The specialty of intelligent science and technology was proposed and established by the Department of intelligent science of Peking University in 2003. The Department of intelligent science is mainly engaged in the research and teaching of interdisciplinary subjects such as machine perception, intelligent robot, intelligent information processing and machine learning.

AI's employment direction mainly includes scientific research institutions (robot research institutes, etc.), software and hardware developers, university lecturers, etc. Of course, given that some high-tech companies have opened up new research fields, such as Google's driverless cars, the employment prospect is relatively good in China. The domestic industrial upgrading, the transformation of the IT industry, the research and development of industrial robots, intelligent robots and wearable devices will be strong hotspots in the future, just 3-5 years later, It's time for the students to come back!

1) Search direction: Baidu, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc. (including intelligent search, voice search, image search, video search, etc. are the future directions).

2) Medical image processing: many medical equipment and medical devices will involve image processing and imaging. Large companies include Siemens, Ge, Philips, etc.

3) Computer vision and pattern recognition: fingerprint recognition, face recognition, iris recognition, etc. Another big direction is license plate recognition. At present, since video surveillance is a hot issue, tracking and recognition is also good.

4) There are also some companies with talent needs in image processing, such as via, Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, etc.

The demand for artificial intelligence talents is on the rise

In the 2017 Research Report on supply, demand and development of artificial intelligence job market released by Zhilian recruitment, we can see that there is a big gap in artificial intelligence talents, and the demand has soared.

In addition, the 2017 Research Report on supply, demand and development of artificial intelligence job market shows that in the past year, the demand for artificial intelligence talents has increased nearly threefold, and 40% of talents with AI skills are mainly paid from 10001 yuan to 15000 yuan / month, which is much higher than the national average.

Therefore, the employment prospect of artificial intelligence is very good, and the development of artificial intelligence is also in a relatively good stage.

Is the prospect of artificial intelligence good

This year, fresh students majoring in artificial intelligence, mobile terminals, cloud computing, big data and other related majors have attracted much attention from enterprises. Students are scrambled by several enterprises at the same time. The data show that the gap of artificial intelligence related talents in China exceeds 5 million. The current situation of "more pits and less turnips" has led enterprises to compete for campus talents. The state has put forward the three-step development strategy of artificial intelligence, and now artificial intelligence has risen to the strategic level. At this year's National People's Congress, the premier again mentioned "artificial intelligence" in his government work report. We all know that after being included in the national development plan, the state will issue many policies to promote the realization of this plan. Therefore, the earlier you enter the field of artificial intelligence, the more potential you have.

This is an era of artificial intelligence. At present, artificial intelligence is a shining 'star' and has become a new focus of international competition. Many countries in the world are stepping up the development layout of artificial intelligence, so that it has been raised to a strategic height. After graduation, students majoring in artificial intelligence can stay in school as teachers, company R & D posts, artificial intelligence laboratories, etc. Specific positions include: Data Mining Engineer, lower computer algorithm engineer, pre-sales technical support (business intelligence direction), industry researcher (stock market), electrical engineer of science and technology company, C / C + + algorithm development engineer, etc.