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What about the dog certificate? How much does it cost to get a dog license? Handling methods and exp

Now people's living standards have improved. In order to add fun to life and get rid of loneliness, many people in the city will choose to keep pets, and dogs, as the most loyal friends of mankind, are the first choice for many people to keep pets. However, it is necessary to apply for a dog certificate to raise a dog in a city. A dog certificate is similar to a human ID card for a dog. Only when a dog has a dog certificate can it be regarded as a legal dog. So how to handle the dog license? Where to handle it? How much does it cost to get a dog license? This article brings you the handling methods, processes and expenses of dog license, hoping to be helpful to you.

how to apply for a dog license

1. Go to the dog license office where each district is located and get a (dog license information checklist). The form will need to be filled in: dog owner's information, District, county, street, police station, postal code, gender, date of birth.

2. After completing the information form, you will also receive a form, which needs to be stamped with two chapters, one is the chapter of the neighborhood committee, and the other is the chapter of the local police station.

3. After examination and approval by the public security department, relevant fees shall be paid.

4. Take the payment voucher and return to the local animal health supervision office to implant an identification chip for your dog.

5. Take preventive shots.

6. Bring the relevant certificates of chip implantation to the public security department to get the dog registration certificate and dog license, or get the dog license plate and dog registration certificate at the sub district office after 5 working days.

How much does it cost to apply for a dog license

Dogs only need to pay the management service fee. The charging standard is 1000 yuan per dog in the key restricted breeding area in the first year and 500 yuan per year from the second year.

Generally, each dog in the restricted breeding area is 600 yuan in the first year and 300 yuan in the second year.

What is the function of dog certificate

1. Some cities do not allow dogs, and there are special dog beating teams to check dog licenses. If there is no dog license, the dog may be confiscated;

2. Can give their own dogs and groups afraid of dogs a safety guarantee;

3. The information will be registered when handling the dog certificate. If the dog is lost, you can ask the police station for help or check the monitoring;

4. Vehicles that are allowed to carry pets, such as planes and trains, must show dog cards to prove the identity of dogs;

5. In the compensation involving insurance, the insurance company will require the dog owner to show the dog certificate, and the insurance company will accept the insurance compensation.

The above is the detailed information about how to handle the dog certificate and how much it costs. I hope it can help you.