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How to prevent stroke? To prevent stroke, we should eat less 3 categories and more 4 categories of f

Now there are more and more stroke people in China, and they are becoming younger and younger. According to the survey, the post-90s stroke people account for a large proportion in the stroke population. About one person suffers from stroke every 2 seconds and one person dies of stroke every 21 seconds. Therefore, the severity of stroke should be paid attention to and concerned by everyone. Work and rest habits and eating habits are the main causes of stroke, so what should we eat less to prevent stroke? What do you eat more? What foods can effectively prevent stroke? This article brings you the best food recommendation to prevent stroke. Let's learn about it.

Prevent stroke and eat less three kinds of food

1. High fat food

People in the north have more strokes than people in the south. One big factor is eating habits.

Northerners like braised meat, stewed blood sausage with pork, streaky pork, beef and mutton & hellip& hellip; These meat are high in calories, fat and easy to accumulate fat.

Excessive intake of fatty high-fat food will lead to fat accumulation in the body, which will lead to obesity. Secondly, excessive fat in the blood vessels will lead to the increase of triglycerides, accelerate the formation of atherosclerosis, harden and brittle blood vessels, and more likely to rupture, leading to intracerebral hemorrhage.

2. High salt food

Pickles, bacon and pickled fish, smoked or pickled foods taste delicious, but the salt content of such foods exceeds the standard, and excessive intake will bring hidden dangers to health.

Too much salt in the body can lead to high blood pressure, which is one of the main 'root causes' of stroke. The data show that 7.5% of cardiovascular and cardiac metabolic deaths are directly related to excessive salt intake.

Processed food contains preservatives harmful to human body. Nitrates and nitrites in smoked food can directly damage blood vessels, lead to arteriosclerosis and stenosis, and further increase the risk of stroke and heart disease.

Ham, bacon, instant noodles, biscuits, pizza, bread, fermented bean curd, soy sauce and other condiments contain a lot of 'invisible salt', so we should eat less for vascular health.

3. Trans fatty acid foods

In life, many people prefer to eat desserts such as bread and biscuits. These foods can really bring good enjoyment to our taste, but many people don't know. It's just that if we eat sweets such as bread and biscuits for a long time, they are likely to cause serious damage to our blood vessels. The main reason for this is that these foods contain a lot of trans fatty acids, When these fatty acids enter the body, it is easy to increase the garbage in the blood vessels, thus affecting the blood circulation. In this case, it will greatly improve the probability of scoring, which will have a serious impact on the health of the body.

4 kinds of food to eat a little every day, away from stroke!

folic acid

Food: tomato, carrot, cabbage, lettuce

Folic acid promotes homocysteine to methionine, which can not damage blood vessels, and also reduces the concentration of cysteine in blood, thereby reducing the incidence rate of stroke and coronary heart disease.


Food: spinach, cauliflower, fungus

Cellulose can inhibit the concentration of total cholesterol and prevent atherosclerosis, so as to prevent stroke and cardiovascular disease.

Vitamin C, e, P

Food: kiwi fruit, corn, citrus

Improve the ability of blood lipid and antioxidation. Once the possibility of lipid oxidation decreases, it reduces the possibility of atherosclerosis.

Minerals: potassium manganese calcium magnesium

Potassium food: watermelon, eggplant, onion

Manganese food: peanuts, pine nuts, oats

Magnesium food: Laver

Minerals combine with enzymes to enhance metabolism, reduce waste accumulation on the blood vessel wall, and then prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.