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How to wash clothes with marker pen cleaning method of marker pen on clothes

How to wash clothes with marker pen cleaning method of marker pen on clothes marker pen is a very common tool in our life, but sometimes it is inevitable to be careless and get it on the clothes accidentally. How do you wash it when you get it on the clothes? Let's look at the cleaning method of marker on clothes.

Method 1: cooling oil

The marker pen belongs to the paint category. If you get it on the clothes, you can clean it according to the method of cleaning the paint stains. You can apply cooling oil on the front and back of the clothes just stained with the marker pen. Every few minutes, wipe it with a cotton ball along the longitude and latitude lines of the clothes, and the marker marks on the clothes can be eliminated.

Method 2: alcohol

Marking pens are divided into water-based and oil-based. Water-based ones can be washed by conventional water washing methods; If it is oily, alcohol can be used. First, apply alcohol with a concentration of no less than 75% and sprinkle it evenly on the pen print; Prepare a basin of water and pour in two bottles of bleach; Wash clothes and soak for 20min; Just wash it.

Method 3: white radish

Cut the white radish into blocks, boil it in water, take out the radish, soak the clothes with the boiled radish water, add some washing powder for half an hour to about an hour, you can prolong the soaking time depending on the severity of your clothes, take it out and scrub it after soaking, and then remove it.

Method 4: milk

Whenever you use a black oily marker, you will always accidentally get clothes. Don't be afraid. In this way, the stains on the cleaning marker will disappear. First boil the milk, then dip the hot milk with cotton and wipe it on the oil stain until it is clean. Pay attention to put a towel under the clothes.