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Correct methods and taboos of lemonade are you drinking lemonade for nothing?

Lemon is rich in vitamins. It is a fruit that can prevent and eliminate skin pigmentation and play a role in whitening and slimming. In addition to its good cosmetic effect, lemon also has the effects of preventing and treating cardiovascular diseases and improving immunity. Now many girls like to drink lemonade very much, but few really use the correct way to soak lemonade. This article brings you the correct methods and taboos of lemonade. If you want lemonade to play its best role, you must know. Let's have a look.

The correct way to soak lemon in water:

Keep the lemon peel

Lemon must be peeled, and the slice must be thin, because the part of the peel contains more flavonoids, which is more worthy of soaking than the lemon pulp. Lemon essential oil is also mainly in the peel. If it is thinly cut, the aroma components in the lemon peel are easy to bubble out. Lemon peel, including other orange peel, contains some bitter flavonoids, which are also beneficial ingredients. It has a slight bitter taste, which is matched with the sour taste. It can quench your thirst when it is hot. Before eating, rub the skin with flour, then rub the skin with a handful of salt to remove residual pesticides and wax, and finally rinse it twice with clean water.

Thickness 2-3mm

Cut the washed lemon into 2-3mm thin slices, and cut a normal sized lemon into about 15-20 slices.

The water temperature is 60 ~ 70 ℃

The water soaked with lemon is too cold, and the fragrance is not easy to bubble out. If soaked in boiling water, more bitter substances will be dissolved, such as hesperidin. Some people worry that too high water temperature will lead to the loss of vitamin C. in fact, lemon has strong acidity, while vitamin C has good heat resistance under acidic conditions and is not so easy to lose. Therefore, the water temperature of soaking lemon is generally 60 ~ 70 ℃.

Put 2 ~ 4 tablets in a glass of water

Lemon has strong acidity, so it should not be too strong to soak in water. Generally, 2-4 pieces can be put in a cup of water (200ml), and up to one lemon can be put in 1000ml of water. If you can't accept the sour taste, you can add more honey to reconcile the sour taste.

Taboo for lemon soaking in water:

1. Because lemon contains citric acid, the acidity is very low and the pH value is less than 2.5. It is a high acid beverage. Drinking too much is bad for teeth, spleen and stomach. Long term use will cause spleen and stomach injury. Especially people with gastric ulcer must not eat too much lemon. In particular, the spleen and stomach functions of the elderly and children are relatively weak, and they can't eat more lemon water. Patients with gastric and duodenal ulcer or excessive gastric acid should not use it.

2. It is not suitable for long-term overdose. Be sure to pay attention to the time of drinking lemon water, especially after meals, and pay attention to appropriate and moderate consumption, up to 300 ml a day.

3. There are a large number of acidic components in lemon slice soaking water. When people drink it, these acidic components will attach to people's teeth. It will damage teeth outside of time and lead to high incidence of tooth decay. Therefore, usually drink lemon soaking water. After drinking it, remember to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth, and strictly strengthen cavity hygiene.

4. Citric acid is strong. If the concentration is too high, fasting drinking will stimulate gastric mucosa and promote continuous secretion of gastric juice, resulting in excessive gastric acid and gastrointestinal diseases.