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Which brand of luggage is good? The latest brand ranking of luggage in 2019

Which brand of luggage is good? The latest brand ranking of luggage in 2019 luggage is essential for our business trip and travel. Many friends choose luggage not only based on quality, but also on the brand. So which brand of luggage is good? Let's have a look.

What brand of suitcase is good

Zhemova suitcase

Zhemova brand was established in 1898. It can be said that it is a luggage brand with a long history. After years of experience, zhemova has the top technology in the industry. Its products are not only unique in design, but also very fine in workmanship. Therefore, zhemova luggage has always been the benchmark of the luggage industry.

Limach luggage compartment

When it comes to the brand of luggage, I don't know if you've heard of limach. It's a well-known brand from the UK. Its family always surprises consumers in the design of product details. It always adheres to the innovation of luggage before it will be favored by consumers all over the world.

Hermes luggage

Many people should know that the brand was established in 1991. It operates in a wide range of fields, strictly controls every link of product production, and strict quality inspection is designed to provide consumers with satisfactory products. Its luggage adopts high-quality raw materials and is a reliable luggage brand.

Diplomat's suitcase

I don't know which brand of suitcases is good. You can also learn about the brand of diplomats from Taiwan. It was founded earlier. It was founded in 1971 and has a history of more than 40 years. It has been committed to trolley cases, suitcases and other travel products.

American traveler luggage

The world's famous luggage brand also includes American traveler, referred to as American travel for short. Founded in 1933, Amtrak is a well-known luggage brand in the United States. Many American families will have its products. On the one hand, because the product design of Amtrak fits the public's aesthetics, on the other hand, Amtrak's luggage has good cost performance and is naturally loved by consumers.

The above is the whole content of Xiaobian. Before buying luggage, you must understand various brands in the industry, especially consumers pursuing high quality. You may wish to refer to the five well-known luggage brands introduced earlier!