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Can I buy cheap lipstick? What's the difference between expensive lipstick and cheap lipstick?

Now many girls like to buy lipstick very much. Lipstick has become one of the most popular cosmetics. But for girls who like to buy lipstick, it is also very expensive to buy one at a time. They always buy big lipstick wallets and will soon be wiped out. Therefore, in life, many girls will choose to buy cheap lipstick. Anyway, the price is cheap. Buying three or five lipsticks will only cost the money of a big brand lipstick. Many girls think it is very cost-effective. So what's the difference between expensive lipstick and cheap lipstick? This article brings you an analysis of the difference between expensive lipstick and cheap lipstick. Let's have a look.

1. Security

First of all, let's talk about their differences from the perspective of safety. Expensive lipstick is generally produced from big brand factories. It is usually produced under clean and sterile conditions through strict and standardized procedures. The ingredients are generally mild and not easy to be allergic. The production process of cheap lipstick is bound to be less rigorous, and the ingredients contained in it will not be so safe. Many women use lipstick for more than ten yuan, and the corners of their mouth will dry and peel, which will even lead to cheilitis. Therefore, in terms of safety, cheap lipstick is far less than expensive lipstick.

2. Sense of use

In addition to safety, we should be most concerned about the sense of using lipstick. Generally speaking, when we use expensive lipstick, we will feel happy from the heart. We can afford such expensive lipstick. What else can't we have? When making up outside, a big brand lipstick can also give us a lot of confidence, which cheap lipstick can't bring.

3. Color and texture

Different color numbers of lipstick can bring people different mood and makeup effect, so the color after it is put on the mouth is very important. Your lipstick generally has a high color saturation. After you put it on your mouth, it is very color, and it is easy to apply it evenly. Even if it is dumb, it will basically not be pulled out and dried. Although cheap lipsticks have many beautiful colors and many so-called affordable substitutes, they can not restore the color number. Moreover, the texture of many cheap lipsticks is not satisfactory, which is easy to be mottled and uneven. They will be taken off one by one after taking off their makeup, so we should consider it clearly when buying lipsticks!

After reading these three points, do you have a general understanding of the difference between expensive lipstick and cheap lipstick? Whether to choose expensive lipstick or cheap lipstick depends on your choice.