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Which earphone is the best in the iron triangle? Recommended earphone for the iron triangle

Which earphone is the best in the iron triangle? Recommended earphone for the iron triangle

Four seas network; Iron triangle is a world-famous earphone brand. There are many earphones under iron triangle, ranging from hundreds to thousands of prices. For many Xiaobai users, they don't know which to buy? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

Iron triangle ath w5000 headset

This earphone of iron triangle adopts log cavity, superhard diaphragm and superconducting hi-ofc8n wire voice coil. It is durable and corrosion-resistant. The black sheep's skin on the head of the earmuff can make users wear it comfortably, and the appearance looks luxurious and generous, with a sense of retro.

Iron triangle ath-ckr75bt Bluetooth headset

When it comes to the recommendation of the iron triangle headset, ath-ckr75bt is worth recommending. It belongs to a Bluetooth headset with high color value and appropriate line design. Compared with the wired headset version, its metal shell decorative line is at the headquarters of the headset, which will have a better sense of balance. It is a high color iron triangle headset worth starting with.

Iron triangle ath-ckr35bt headset

The iron triangle ath-ckr35bt earphone adopts the neck band design, with excellent endurance. It is said that it can last up to 7 hours, which can meet the daily needs of users listening to songs. Although its appearance design uses a pure plastic cavity, it will not appear cheap.

Iron triangle ath-s200bt headset

I don't know which earphone of the iron triangle is easy to use. You can also see the iron triangle ath-s200bt. It is a 40mm dynamic headset wireless Bluetooth headset with long battery life. The CD level Bluetooth sound quality allows you to enjoy your favorite music. Coupled with the lightweight earmuff design, listening to music for a long time will not burden your ears.

Iron triangle ath-c550 earphone

The price of iron triangle ath-c550 earphone is less than 100, which is very suitable for entry earphone. It adopts the classic earplug design, with pure sound quality and three frequency balance, which can restore the real sound. It is equipped with a 3.5mm gold-plated plug, which can be used with mobile phones, tablets and other devices.

The above is the small series of iron triangle earphone recommendations. If you are also interested in the brand of iron triangle earphone and don't know which earphone is worth starting with, you might as well refer to the five earphones introduced earlier. The overall performance is good.