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How to wash sports shoes? Tips for cleaning sports shoes

How to wash sports shoes? Tips for cleaning sports shoes in daily life, many friends like to wear sports shoes. Compared with other shoes, sports shoes are more comfortable and easier to walk. However, sometimes cleaning sports shoes is a headache. How can sports shoes be cleaned most? Let's look at the tips of cleaning sneakers.

In life, many people may have this problem: how to wash sports shoes to be cleaner, especially some mothers. Children come home after a day at school. Light colored shoes often turn black. In this case, cleaning becomes very difficult. Today we'll see how to wash sports shoes.

1. Wet upper and lining

Ordinary sports shoes can be washed with clean water, but washing powder can not be used, because it contains phosphorus, which is easy to turn yellow. Brush the heel with a toothbrush dipped in toothpaste, and put a layer of white paper on the vamp after washing, so as to ensure that the shoes will not change color after drying. If it is soaked for a long time, it will also affect the use of shoes. During cleaning, try not to machine wash or soak.

2. Odor in shoe cleaning

It is best to wash thoroughly with Baijiu or white vinegar. After cleaning shoes, put a warm basin of water and then put a small amount of white vinegar into the shoes, and immerse the shoes for half an hour or so, and also directly spread the baijiu. Because Baijiu has strong volatility, it can remove the peculiar smell of the sneakers in the process of volatilization.

3. Remove and wash shoelaces and insoles

If the shoelaces are not removed, it is not easy to thoroughly clean the sports shoes. Because the brush can not go deep into the shoes, it will not be cleaned naturally. Therefore, before washing the shoes, the shoelaces must be removed for cleaning, and the shoelaces can be washed with soap.

4. Clean sole and lining

Brush the soles, inside and outside of the shoes carefully, wash the shoes repeatedly, pour out the dirty water and replace it with clean water. Soak your shoes in water. In fact, you don't need to brush soap. Clean your shoes with a toothbrush. What pebbles can be picked up with a toothpick in the glue seam of the sole.

① Mesh sneakers

Don't use a plastic brush to brush the net surface, because the plastic brush will brush the net surface with hair balls. It's best to use a soft brush, which can not only ensure that the shoes can be cleaned quickly, but also prevent the upper from being scratched. Use an old toothbrush, but not the one with curled old hair.

② Leather sneakers

Leather sports shoes should not be cleaned with water as much as possible. Generally, they are wiped with a towel, which can protect the cortex.

5. Shake the water to dry the shoes

Throwing water to dry the shoes is not throwing them in the washing machine. You can first press the water in the place where there are many sponges in the shoes with your thumb to squeeze out some water, and then grasp the middle sole. The heel direction should be in front and the toe should face behind you. Start swinging your arm back and forth. The more you throw, the better the shoes. After cleaning, put the shoes toe down and air them in a ventilated place. Air the shoes at room temperature to prevent water from immersing into the midsole foam material.