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How to clean the dirty carpet to improve the quality of life?

Carpet is a good thing to improve the quality of life, but how to clean it is really a headache. Next, let's look at some tips.

How to clean the stains on the carpet

1. The common carpet cleaning method is to sweep it with a broom boiled in soapy water. Salt can absorb dust and make the carpet shiny. For carpets with a lot of dust, use a wet broom to sweep it for 1-2 times before sprinkling salt. When sweeping, the broom should be soaked in water from time to time.

2. Common carpet stain cleaning methods: remove the stains on the carpet in time, but there must be correct ways and methods to remove the stains. Here are several methods to remove the common stains on the carpet:

Sauce oil stains: the new stains can be removed by brushing with cold water and washing with detergent. Old stains can be brushed with warm water, detergent and ammonia, and then rinsed with clean water.

Oil stains on shoes: wipe them with gasoline, turpentine or alcohol, and then wash them with soap.

Juice stains: first wash with 5% ammonia solution, and then use detergent again. However, ammonia has a damaging effect on pure wool carpet fiber, so it should be used as little as possible. Generally, it can be cleaned with citric acid or soap, or alcohol.

Edible oil stains: remove with volatile solvents such as gasoline or carbon tetrachloride, and clean the residual part with alcohol.

Urine stains: new stains can be washed with warm water or 10% ammonia solution. Chen Lin first washed with detergent, and then washed with ammonia. The pure wool carpet should be pickled with lemon.

Ice cream stains: wipe with gasoline.

Coffee stains and tea stains: wash them with ammonia. Silk and wool carpets shall be soaked with oxalic acid detergent for 10-20 minutes before washing, or cleaned with 10% glycerol solution.

Vomit stains: one method is to wipe with gasoline, then wipe with 5% ammonia, and finally wash with warm water. Another method is to wet the vomiting liquid with 10% ammonia, wipe it with soap liquid with alcohol, and finally clean it with detergent.

Wine stains: new stains can be cleaned with water. The aged water can be cleaned with water. Old stains can only be removed with aqueous solution of ammonia and borax. If it is a carpet made of wool and silk, it can be cleaned with oxalic acid.

3. Daily cleaning methods

(1) Daily use of brush suction method. The rolling brush can not only comb the carpet, but also brush the floating dust and adhesive dust. Therefore, the cleaning effect is better than simple dust suction.

(2) Remove stains in time. New stains are the easiest to remove and must be removed in time. If the stain is to dry or penetrate into the deep part of the carpet, it will cause long-term damage to the carpet.

(3) Carry out medium-term cleaning regularly. Carpets with frequent pedestrians need to be equipped with a foaming machine, and the dry bubble cleaning method is used for regular medium-term cleaning to remove sticky dust.

(4) Deep cleaning. Once dust deposits in the carpet fibers, you have to send it to the cleaning shop for cleaning.