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The whole process of Mercedes Benz oil spill, the latest news of Mercedes Benz oil spill rights prot

The whole process of Mercedes Benz oil spill, the latest news of Mercedes Benz oil spill rights protection incident Recently, the female owner of Mercedes Benz oil spill 'made a lot of noise' in the 4S store. The female owner has a master's degree. The car he just bought leaked oil before driving a kilometer, and the 4S store has been procrastinating. Let's take a look at the whole process and the latest news of Mercedes Benz oil spill rights protection.

In the early morning of April 13, in response to "Mercedes Benz owners crying for rights protection", it was learned from the high tech branch of Xi'an market supervision and administration that the Mercedes Benz car involved had been sealed up, and the Bureau would entrust a qualified testing agency to test the vehicle.

On April 11, after the video of 'Mercedes Benz female car owners crying about safeguarding their rights' spread on the Internet, it quickly attracted the attention of public opinion. In the video, a woman said that she paid a down payment of more than 200000 for a Mercedes Benz at the Li Zhi Xing Mercedes Benz 4S store in Xi'an. Unexpectedly, before the new car left the yard of the 4S store, it was found that the vehicle engine had a problem of oil leakage. Since then, she has communicated with the 4S store for many times, but she was told that she can't refund or change the car. She can only change the engine according to the 'three guarantees policy for cars'.

In the early morning of April 13, Liu Lin, deputy director of the high tech branch of Xi'an market supervision and Administration Bureau, introduced to surging news: "the owner picked up the car on March 27. After the dispute occurred, the two sides initially negotiated and handled it by themselves without complaining to the regulatory authorities."

'she gave & lsquo; 12345’ And & lsquo; 12315’ The hotline complaint time was around 11:00 on April 9. After the complaint information was transferred to the regulatory department on the same day, the industry and Commerce and quality supervision institutions respectively learned about the West Amway star Mercedes Benz 4S store and urged them to properly solve the dispute as soon as possible. The 4S store replied that night that it was true, but it had been negotiated and communicated, and the two sides signed a handling agreement. "

Liu Lin introduced that after disputes arise between consumers and businesses, there are a variety of solutions. The first is to negotiate with businesses. Secondly, consumers can also complain to the consumer association and administrative departments, and relevant departments will organize mediation. In addition, consumers can also protect their rights by applying for arbitration and filing a lawsuit. " After negotiation, they signed a settlement agreement, and we think the dispute has been settled. "

Unexpectedly, these videos were taken on April 9 and before the two sides signed the agreement. After they were transmitted to the network on April 11, the event fermented again.

"After we saw the online video, we sent someone to the 4S store to understand the situation. The 4S store still said that the two sides had reached a consensus and provided us with the agreement signed by the two sides at about 6 p.m. on the 9th. The main content of the agreement is that the 4S store will refund the purchase money to consumers three times and return it before April 30." According to Liu Lin, after that, the Bureau paid a return visit to the owner, 'she confirmed that she had signed the agreement, but said she was not satisfied and needed further consultation.'

In view of this, on April 11, the high tech branch of Xi'an market supervision and administration bureau established an investigation team to intervene in the investigation. Liu Lin said, 'we sealed the vehicles involved and verified the source of the vehicles and customs clearance procedures. Judging from the information currently available, the procedures for this car are complete. On the same day, we also instructed the 4S store to notify Mercedes Benz (China) automobile sales company to deal with the matter. "

According to Liu Lin, after this incident, Xi'an market supervision and Administration Bureau attached great importance to it. 'on April 9, the Municipal Bureau transferred the complaint information to our bureau for handling; On the 11th, after this matter fermented, the Municipal Bureau made arrangements to deal with it; On the 12th, the Municipal Bureau also held a special meeting for this matter and appointed a deputy director in charge to supervise it. "

At present, the problems involved in the incident are under investigation. Next, the high tech branch of Xi'an market supervision and Administration Bureau will entrust qualified testing institutions to test the vehicles involved and deal with them fairly according to the testing results.