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How to wash off the paint on the hand summary of tips for cleaning the paint on the hand

How to wash off the paint on the hand summary of tips for cleaning the paint on the hand paint is the most used in home decoration. It is inevitable to get paint on clothes or hands. How to clean the paint on hands? Let's take a look at the paint cleaning tips.

1. Olive oil washing method:

If you have olive oil at home, apply some on the paint position on your hand, gently rub it for a few times, fully soak it for a while, and wash it with soap in a few minutes, because olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, and you can avoid hurting your hands in this way.

2. Toilet water washing method:

If you can't find olive oil, there's always toilet water! Apply toilet water on the painted position. Wash with soap after a while. The main components of toilet water are: Neroli oil, rose leaf oil, lemon oil, benzoic acid, fragrant lemon oil and alcohol.

3. Peanut oil or salad oil washing method:

If the above two things are not available, use peanut oil or salad oil, rub it where it is stained with paint, add some detergent, rub it, and finally rub it twice with a rag. The paint will always be removed.

4. Banana oil washing method:

Also known as Tianna water, the main component is xylene. It is highly volatile, flammable, explosive and toxic. It is dangerous goods. But if you are afraid of a big smell, you can apply banana oil to the position stained with paint and wash it. Banana oil will not smell. Or go directly to the paint shop to buy some turpentine for cleaning.

5. Gasoline washing method:

The last move is to wash your hands with gasoline. Apply a little gasoline on the painted area, and then wash it with soap.


Pine perfume is a flux which is made from rosin powder dissolved in alcohol. It is easy to wipe off the paint on the skin with cotton wool and soak the loose perfume. Wipe it up and wash it with soap or shower gel.