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Do you want to wash the newly bought quilt? How to take care of the quilt?

The newly bought quilt is soft and comfortable, but many friends are also struggling. Do you want to clean it? It seems very dirty without cleaning.

Do you want to wash the newly bought quilt

Many people have been struggling with the question of whether new quilts should be washed. Some diligent people will naturally wash all new things, but some people will think that they should be cleaned after use. In fact, the newly bought quilt should be washed and reused. Because, when producing quilts, it is inevitable that some bleaching and dyeing processes will leave chemicals on the quilts, and even good quilts will have a trace of chemicals left on them. The processing and production of a piece of cloth will go through many links. Cotton, hemp and other raw materials for quilt production use a lot of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides in the process of planting, increasing residues. You see, no matter in the process of planting or production, there are elements harmful to human body, so the new quilt can only be used after washing.

Can the quilt be cleaned?

The cotton quilt can neither be washed nor dry cleaned, because the water in the quilt will not only cause the quilt to agglomerate and deteriorate, but also affect the warmth retention of the cotton quilt. Some people put half the water in the bathtub, pour in washing powder, dilute it, and then step on the cotton quilt in the bathtub of the room. After washing the cotton quilt, put it in a cool and ventilated place to dry, which is obviously unreasonable.

1. Quilts are generally composed of quilt covers and cotton. Usually, our quilts and quilts only wash the quilt covers. When the quilt covers are removed, they can be washed, which is the same as washing other clothes. It can be washed in the washing machine. However, it should be noted that the four corners of the quilt cover are easy to accumulate some cotton wadding and other impurities. We must clean them up, and then the quilt cover is better to turn over and wash the inside.

2. As for the cotton wadding, it will harden, turn yellow and have peculiar smell after a long time. On a sunny day, remove the quilt cover. We can put the cotton wadding in the sun for exposure. When drying, we can pat everywhere, loosen the cotton wadding and pat off some dust. Then install it at night.

3. If the quilt is too hard, it will affect the warmth retention. You can consider playing the quilt again, but now it's hard to find the one who plays the quilt.

4. If a certain position of the quilt is polluted, after drying, you can use a special cleaner to clean it locally. Don't soak it with water. After soaking, the quilt basically can't be used. Just use detergent directly. The smaller the scope, the better. After cleaning, dry it in the sun.

How is the air conditioner washed

Hollow fiber cotton air conditioning quilt is available on the market. It is a kind of quilt that can be washed. Hollow fiber cotton is a cotton wadding product made of high-quality polyester and three-dimensional crimped hollow fiber with excellent performance. Its fiber raw material is polyester. The quilt made of hollow fiber cotton has good fluffy, warm and breathable properties. The product has good shape retention under pressure, anti knot and deformation, light quality, strong tensile strength, water washing resistance, no fear of moth, mildew and moisture. It can be washed with a washing machine.

When the hollow fiber cotton air conditioner is washed by the washing machine, the water temperature should not be too high to avoid damaging the performance of its chemical fiber. Soak it in the washing solution for 15-20 minutes, and then use the washing machine mode and the seasoning soft mode. When the air conditioner is dehydrated by the dehydrator, pull the quilt around and shake it when drying, and the quilt core of the textile quilt will be rolled together.

How to wash the space quilt

The quilt cannot be washed or dry cleaned, because the material of the quilt determines that the quilt will become dry and hard after washing, and there will be a strange smell after dry cleaning. It's best to use detergent to locally clean dirty places or expose them to the sun; Silk quilt is generally divided into three layers: quilt cover, inner cover and silk. Silk and inner cover synthesize quilt core. Generally, it is not cleaned, and the cleaning can only be the outer quilt cover, so we must pay attention to keep it clean.