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Attention to wooden floors at home! We must pay attention to these points

Now most people choose wood flooring, which is comfortable and easy to take care of, but many people don't know how to maintain it.

How to prevent floor deformation

Solid wood flooring is high-grade and elegant. It's just that it's troublesome to maintain. You may not consider some maintenance places. Some may have encountered problems, but you don't know how to deal with them.

1. If the heating leaks or there are water stains on the ground, it must be cleaned in time. It is not allowed to be exposed to the sun or baked directly in an electric furnace, so as not to dry too fast and crack the floor.

2. Keep the floor dry and clean. Do not wet the mop with water or scrub it with alkaline water and soapy water to avoid damaging the brightness of the paint and damaging the paint film. In case of dust or dirt, wipe it with a dry mop or a wrung wet mop. Wax once a month (or two months) (wipe off water vapor and stains before waxing).

3. Some stains on the floor surface should be removed in time. If there are oil stains, they can be wiped with a rag or mop dipped in warm water or a small amount of washing powder, or with neutral soapy water and a little washing spirit. If the stain is serious, this method is invalid. You can wipe it gently with high-quality sandpaper or steel ball. If it is the stain of medicine, beverage or pigment, it must be removed before the stain does not penetrate into the wooden surface. The removal method is to wipe it with a soft cloth dipped in furniture wax. If it still fails, wipe it with a steel ball dipped in furniture wax. If the surface of the floor layer is burned by cigarette butts, wipe it with a soft cloth soaked in furniture wax to restore brightness. If the ink is contaminated, wipe it with a wax soaked soft cloth in time. If it is invalid, wipe it with a steel ball dipped in furniture wax.

4. If you can't live for a long time, don't cover it with plastic cloth or newspaper. Over time, the paint film will become sticky and lose luster. At the same time, don't put hot water basin, hot rice pot and other things directly on the floor, and use wood or grass pad to prevent burning the paint film.

5. After laying the painted floor, try to reduce the direct exposure to the sun, so as to prevent the paint from drying, cracking and aging in advance due to excessive ultraviolet radiation. Furniture placed on the floor shall be padded with rubber or other soft objects to prevent scratching the floor paint.

What about the deformation of the floor

1. The wet expansion and arching of the wooden floor is the local upward arching of the wooden floor or some wooden floors. This phenomenon is generally due to continuous cloudy and rainy weather, high relative humidity in the air, no moisture removal measures are taken, and the moisture in the air is absorbed by the wood floor and then hygroscopic expansion; The wooden floor absorbs moisture and expands after being soaked in water. This situation can be well solved as long as windows are opened frequently for ventilation, structural extension joints and sectional joints are reserved according to the regulations, and the reserved extension joints between adjacent plates are adjusted.

2. The wooden floor is warped and deformed, that is, the transverse sides of the wooden floor are warped upward, like tile flakes. In this case, as long as we are in construction, the concrete base must meet the water content requirements before construction. When the water content exceeds the standard, the moisture-proof isolation layer must be paved. The moisture-proof isolation layer shall be sealed as a whole, and waterproof and moisture-proof isolation blocking measures shall be taken. In this way, it can be well prevented. As for the solution, it is necessary to remove the wooden floor around the room to disperse the moisture, which can partially alleviate the deformation and replace the seriously deformed wooden floor; If the deformation area of the wooden floor is large, the paved wooden floor can be removed and re paved after the concrete base or keel is dried. Re pave the original available wooden floor, and replace the wooden floor that affects the use.

3. Cracks occur on the wood floor surface, that is, small cracks appear on the paint surface of the wood floor, which will cause peeling of the paint film in serious cases. In fact, as long as we choose the wood floor of a high-quality production enterprise, the adhesion, elasticity and wear resistance of the paint film can be guaranteed. As for the solution, if a small amount of paint film cracks, paint repair can be carried out. If the cracking area is large, it can be polished and repainted. If the paint film of a single wooden floor cracks long, the single wooden floor can be replaced.

4. The dry shrinkage and separation of wood floor is the phenomenon of separation between tenons and grooves of wood floor after installation for a period of time. In this case, when the use function is not affected, the scheme of dismantling and resurfacing can be adopted as appropriate after the moisture content of the wooden floor is balanced with the relative humidity in the air for a long time; Or all of them shall be disassembled and repaved, and the extension joints of adjacent plates shall be set as required.