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What about the smell of floor drain? You have to learn these moves

The smell of floor drain is disgusting and helpless. How to solve it?

What about the smell of floor drain?

1. Fill the floor drain with water in time to keep the water seal in the floor drain and replace it from time to time;

2. Although self sealing floor drain is the inevitable development trend of floor drain in the future, its anti odor effect is not as stable as water sealing floor drain in terms of the current actual situation. Therefore, water sealing floor drain should be selected as far as possible.

3. Water in plastic bags. You can take a sealed convenience bag, put water in the bag, fasten the mouth, and then put the convenience bag containing water on the floor drain, take it away when you use it, and plug it when you don't use it, which can well prevent the smell of the floor drain.

4. The floor drain can be covered with a wet towel or plastic bag of waste gas to prevent the odor and bacteria of the floor drain from spreading indoors.

5. Clean floor drains frequently. The floor drain of the toilet will often be wrapped with some hair and other sundries. Pay more attention to cleaning at ordinary times to avoid affecting the drainage function of the sewer. In addition, putting some tea bags, incense and bamboo carbon in the bathroom can also effectively alleviate the peculiar smell in the bathroom.

6. Use a rubber stopper. You can go to the hardware store to buy a rubber stopper and put it on the floor drain when not in use, which can prevent the floor drain from smelling.

How to prevent odor in floor drain

1. Eccentric block type: that is, a sealing gasket is used, one side is fixed with a pin, and the principle of gravity eccentricity is used to seal. The first disadvantage is that the sealing is not tight, and the second is that the pin is easy to be damaged, resulting in failure;

2. The water seal floor drain has the longest history. Its biggest defect is that if it is not used for a few days, the odor and pests of the sewer pipe will drive straight in due to the lack of water in the trap. Even if some manufacturers raise the trap, there will be the problem of long travel time or not using it for a long time without odor prevention. At the same time, another problem will arise. The higher the water seal, The easier it is to hide dirt in the core, which is difficult to clean. Moreover, since the floor drain itself discharges domestic sewage, the water stored in the trap in the South or summer will stink in a few days, forming a new pollution source.

3. Spring type: divided into upper spring type and lower spring type. The spring up type is to press the cover plate. The cover plate will pop up and press again, and it will reset; The spring down type is sealed by the sealing gasket at the lower end of the spring stretched sealing core. Because the spring is made of boron iron, it is easy to rust, the elasticity gradually weakens until it fails, and the service life is not long. In addition, the spring is easy to wind hair and fabric, which is not easy to clean;

4. Floating ball type: use a plastic ball to float to close the drain, but if water is not replenished for a period of time, the seal will fail;

5. Gravity mechanical type: gravity movement uses the eternal principle of gravity, so it has the longest service life. No water seal, no dirty water, straight up and down drainage. After the water is drained, the sealing gasket at the bottom of the sealing core is automatically closed. When not in use, the floor drain is always closed. The anti odor effect is the best, and the cleaning is very convenient. Just take down the anti odor core and rinse it in the water for a few times, which can be completed in less than a minute, Comprehensive comparison should be the best and most popular deodorant core at present.

6. Magnet type: sealed by the magnetic force of two magnets. Due to the poor quality of surface water, such as washing articles, brushing the ground and other reasons, the sewage will contain some iron impurities adsorbed on the magnet. After a period of time, the impurity layer will cause the sealing gasket to fail to close. In addition, due to the action of the earth's large magnetic field, the magnetic force will gradually weaken.