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Summary of 4 skills for cooking rice

Summary of 4 skills for cooking rice rice is the staple food we can't live without. Rice looks very simple, but we also need to master some methods to cook it. Let's take a look at some skills of cooking rice.

1. Put tea

If you add some tea when eating rice, it tastes absolutely great. Moreover, tea can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease and death, reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, help prevent and treat Alzheimer's disease, anti stress and anti anxiety. The ratio of tea to boiling water is 1:10. Soak it for 5-10 minutes. Steaming rice with tea can make the rice color, aroma and nutrition better, and has the advantages of removing greasiness, cleaning the mouth, changing food and providing vitamins.

2. Blister rice

Soak the rice in cold water for 15 to 20 minutes before boiling. This allows the rice grains to fully absorb water. In this way, the cooked rice will be full. It will greatly increase the aroma of rice. Finally, the rice will be more delicious and the taste will be improved.

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3. Add vinegar

The storage time of rice is very short, especially in summer. It is hot and can hardly be put overnight. Therefore, when steaming rice, we can add 2 ~ 3 ml vinegar according to 3 kg of rice, which can prevent the rice from deteriorating for a long time. Moreover, the prepared rice has no sour taste and stronger flavor, making people have a good appetite.

4. Simmer for 5 minutes

When cooking in an electric rice cooker, you can wait about 5 minutes to open the lid, so that the rice will be soft and waxy. After opening the cover, stir the rice with a spoon. This kind of rice is not easy to form blocks and clear grains.