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How often do you change your bedding? If you want to live a healthy life, you must do this

People spend a third of their time in bed. A good sleep quality can be said to be the key to a good work and rest.

1、 Mattress

High quality mattresses should be selected according to your age and body type. Timothy Dutt of ultimate beds mattress company said, "we should look for mattresses that can present a perfect sleeping position and comfortable, while reducing the pressure on the whole body." It should be made of natural materials and contain no metals, latex or synthetic fibers. "

He said that contrary to popular belief, premium mattresses do not require much maintenance and do not need to be turned over. " High quality mattresses should also have removable ventilation covers placed on a bedstead with high-quality solid slats to provide adequate ventilation. "

Because our bodies change with age, we should consider the support provided by mattresses according to age. Dutt said that for hygiene and health reasons, the general rule of thumb is that mattresses should be replaced every seven to ten years.

2、 Pillow

When choosing the perfect pillow, you should pay attention to the habitual sleep posture, so as to make the right choice.

Lauren roe, creative director of I love linen bedding, said that different pillow designs can support your head and neck according to your sleeping position at night. " For example, if you like to sleep on your side or if you are a big man, a tall pillow may be best for you. "

She said that whether a pillow is comfortable depends on its inner filler, so you must understand it first. If it is microfiber, make sure it is soft, long fiber and high quality, rather than cheap and rough chemical fiber cotton filler. If the fillers are natural fibers such as feathers, make sure they are unprocessed. This means that it is animal friendly and better filling quality. "

To make the pillow in the best condition, it is necessary to pat every day, which can effectively make the pillow have good air flow and keep the fiber soft.

Roe recommends checking pillows every 12 months for signs of wear. If the pillow feels flat or uneven or shows signs of too much dust, there may be dust mites trapped in it. For their own comfort and health, it is worth replacing them.

3、 Sheets

Alex McCabe, designer of Kip and Co., an Australian bedding company, said that when buying bed sheets, you should look for really durable fabrics. This means that they should be of good quality and can be mixed and matched well. We should choose according to the season.

Care must be taken when washing sheets for their durability. " Bedding has no service life, 'McCabe said,' but if you follow the maintenance instructions, it can take a long time. '

He suggested that when the fabric began to become rough or worn, it should be replaced. " For long-term use, please change the sheets regularly. Every season, add new collections, but don't throw away the old ones. Changing the bed sheet means that it can be used for a longer time. It is a good way to improve the overall appearance and feeling of the bedroom. "