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How to make Pu'er tea the correct way to make Pu'er tea

How to make Pu'er tea the correct way to make Pu'er tea China has thousands of years of tea culture. Different varieties of tea and different brewing methods. Pu'er is a well-known tea in China. Do you know how to brew Pu'er tea? Let's take a look at the brewing method of Pu'er tea.

1、 Wake up tea

Awakening tea, as the name suggests, is to awaken tea to activate tea and condense tea fragrance. If you want to drink Pu'er tea in the near future, the aging period is more than 10 years, it is recommended to pry open a small piece of tea cake and put it into a purple sand pot to wake up the tea. The time is between 3 months and half a year. The purple sand pot shall be placed in a relatively dry environment without light, odor and smell. Tea friends without conditions can also temporarily put the opened tea into kraft paper bags or cartons to wake up the tea.

2、 Tea dosage

For the brewing of Pu'er tea, tea is generally added in the proportion of 7g / 100ml water. Pressed tea can be processed into the size of nail cap, the thinner the better; Loose tea is natural, try to keep the shape of dry tea. Of course, the amount of tea can also be adjusted according to personal preferences. If you drink a little lighter, you can throw 5g; Drink strong, throw 10 grams.

3、 Wash tea

Brewing Pu'er tea: Pu'er tea needs to be brewed with hot water first, which is called 'washing tea'. For Pu'er tea, the process of 'washing tea' is essential. Because most Pu'er tea is drunk every other year or even a few years later.

4、 Tea temperature

The mastery of water temperature plays an important role in the display of tea. High temperature is conducive to the diffusion of aroma and the rapid leaching of tea flavor. But high temperature is also easy to rush out the bitter taste and burn some high-grade tea. The water temperature varies with tea. For example, thick cake brick tea, tight tea and old tea are suitable for brewing in boiling water; High grade bud tea and high-grade green cake with tender materials are suitable for proper cooling and brewing.

5、 Brewing skills

Generally, there are three types: high impact, low impact and high lifting, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Gao Chong smells tea, but it is easy to produce bitterness when stirring tea; The purpose of high hanging is to cool down, to enhance the soup feeling, but at the expense of aroma; Low impulse is more balanced.

6、 Brewing time

The purpose of controlling the brewing time is to show the aroma and taste of tea fully and accurately. Due to the particularity of Yunnan Pu'er tea production technology and raw material selection, the brewing methods and brewing time are determined. The brewing time of old tea and coarse tea is long, while that of new tea and fine tea is short; Manual rolling tea brewing time is long, mechanical rolling tea brewing time is short; The brewing time of pressed tea is long and that of loose tea is short.

In short, the brewing of Pu'er tea requires not only scientific methods and accurate quantification, but also continuous exploration and familiarity with a tea or a class of tea. With the accumulation of experience, the Pu'er tea soup made by yourself will eventually be 'amazing'.