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Several skills of low carbon, power and water saving washing machine

Want a low-carbon life? Start bit by bit.

Laundry tips: energy saving and environmental protection!

Three tips for washing clothes:

Soak and rub before washing to save electricity, clean and worry

Washing machine is not omnipotent. It is difficult to clean some stubborn stains and hidden stains. Washing for a long time will inevitably damage clothes, so Soak clothes first. However, soaking here does not mean soaking in the washing machine, but first soaking the dirty clothes in the basin with washing powder or detergent, and even scrubbing the places that are difficult to wash first, and then we put them into the washing machine together with the easily washed clothes, so that we can wash all the clothes within the preset time of the washing machine, and don't worry that they won't be clean.

Washing wastewater is still available. It's fun to mop the floor and save water

When the washing machine finishes washing clothes and wants to throw them dry, it will discharge the waste water. It would be a pity if these washing waste water ran away in vain! Because the first wastewater contains a certain amount of washing powder or laundry detergent, it is most suitable to use them to mop the floor, because the cleaning effect is very good. The water discharged from the second drying is cleaner than that from the first time, and can be dragged all over the ground. Then, the wastewater from the third drying is cleaner. Drag it again, and the ground will become clean and bright! In this way, washing and mopping are not wrong!

Skillfully adjusting buttons saves time, does not hurt clothes and saves electricity

The full-automatic washing machine has a good quality. If the owner chooses different cleaning modes (standard, large, soft and fast washing), it will complete a series of actions such as rinsing, drainage and drying within the time of the setting mode, so as to prevent people from operating snacks. But the truth is, our clothes really don't need to stay in the washing machine for so long. Taking the 'big stuff' cleaning mode as an example, the whole washing process takes 54 minutes. We can estimate the approximate rinsing time, such as 8 minutes. Then, after 8 minutes, the manual key is directly adjusted to the drying mode, which can reduce the whole cleaning time. As long as you debug several times more, you can save half or more of your laundry time, save time and electricity, and don't damage your clothes. Why not? Do you think so.