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How to clean silk clothes

How to clean silk clothes the materials of silk clothes are expensive, and the clothes are particularly comfortable. They are deeply loved by many friends. You also need to be careful in daily maintenance and cleaning. How to clean silk clothes? Let's see the correct cleaning method of silk.

1. Wash with cold water

Why not use warm water? Because silk is a protein fiber, all proteins have a common feature, which turns yellow in case of hot water. Therefore, when washing silk fabrics, do not use hot water. The general temperature is below 30 ℃.

2. Use neutral detergent

The detergent used for washing silk clothes is particular. We must use neutral detergent and go to the supermarket to buy one specially for washing silk. No, you can also use shampoo instead. But you can't use soap. Now many detergents are alkaline for decontamination effect, so it is recommended to use special detergents for silk.

3. Flip washing

Whether washing silk clothes or clothes of other materials, we should form a habit of turning the clothes over and cleaning them, which can reduce the fading of clothes. Moreover, when cleaning, dark silk clothes should be washed separately from light ones.

4. Silk clothes are too sour after rinsing

Silk clothes are not finished after washing. We have to sour the washed silk clothes. The advantage of peracid is to fix the color. Maintain the color and luster of silk. Add 5% white vinegar into the water, put the silk clothes in, soak for 2 minutes, and then take them out and dry in the shade.

There is nothing more noble and elegant than silk. Only the correct cleaning method can keep the silk unchanged.