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How to raise money tree summary of money tree breeding skills

How to raise money tree summary of money tree breeding skills money tree is a very common green plant in our life, which means to recruit money. Many friends just bought money tree. I don't know what to do. Let's look at the tips of money tree breeding methods.

Suitable for soil

Money trees do not have high requirements for soil. As long as they maintain good permeability and have certain moisture, they can simply use peat, coarse sand or washed cinder to mix with a small amount of garden soil to plant beautiful money trees.

temperature control

Generally, the normal growth temperature of the money tree is 25-32 ℃. Too high or too low will affect the normal development of the money tree. If it exceeds 35 ℃, the money tree will stop growing. If it is lower than 5 ℃, the money tree itself will be frostbitten. It is best to maintain the environment between 8 and 10 ℃, This is a relatively safe environment, and money tree is a plant that likes sunshine very much, so we must create a place with good sunshine in the breeding process. Money tree breeding is also most afraid of strong light or exposure to the sun, especially at noon in summer, we must put it in a cool place.

Proper watering

Qian Qian tree is more drought resistant. It can be seen that it can be watered after it is dry. The watering principles in different seasons are: once a half month in winter, once a week in spring and autumn, and once three days in summer (water spraying can also be used instead of watering, especially in cold winter). Do not water too much each time, because too much water will also affect the normal growth of money tree, which may seriously lead to root damage and tree death. In addition, the cultivation basin soil of money tree should not be too wet. It is better to be dry. If the basin soil is too wet, it will also lead to easy rot of plant roots.

Fertilization management

During the growth of qianqianmu, it is necessary to apply rotten thin fertilizer solution once a month or add a small amount of ferrous sulfate in the fertilizer solution to prevent the leaves from turning yellow. In winter, it needs to be moved to a place with bright indoor light for breeding, less watering and no fertilization, and the temperature needs to be maintained at about 10 degrees.