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What are the free games with high scores and fun? Taptap high score free game recommendation

Taptap is a game community developed by easy play network technology Co., Ltd., which provides users with a convenient channel to find games, buy and install games to smartphones. It is a platform for many game players to find games. Therefore, tapta's game score is also highly recognized by many game players. The small editor of this article brings you taptap high score free game recommendation, no krypton, no liver, no abuse of heart. Let's see if there is a type you like.

Pixel Ranger

This is an adventure placement game. You can know its painting style is pixel style by looking at its name.

The game tells that the earth was attacked and occupied by alien monsters in 2086, and you need to recruit all kinds of super rangers to form a 'Avenger alliance' to save the world.

In fact, the background story is not very important. The happiest thing to play this kind of game is to draw cards and develop them. Playing strange and boss are automatic. You only need to click forward and skills occasionally at the level.

There are 36 characters in the game, and the skills and attributes of each character are different. In this way, you can equip different attribute addition runes according to the different abilities of the characters, match different teams, and have a certain playability.

Although it is a pixel wind game, the design of the characters is quite fine. When brushing the level, a large number of monsters and special effects of skills still feel a little cool.

In general, "pixel Ranger" is still a game worth trying. Adventure + Developed play elements make this placement game only spend your fragment time and experience the fun of RPG Games.

《lovin house》

I still remember that last year, Florence, a mobile game about love, won the award of TGA's best independent mobile game. It is also related to love. The painting style of lovin house is a little imitative, but the story is completely different.

In lovin house, you are a quiet and introverted girl. You live in an apartment with three men and three women at the same time. You will be paired randomly every month, and then you can choose the direction of the story.

In fact, there is a script. Anyway, it seems that the pairing at the beginning is always with the young people in the band. If they want to choose freely, no one else will play, followed by a series of plots.

The main attraction is that there is a paper doll system and you can dress up your own room. The overall painting style is fresh and interactive. The plot is half successful without embarrassment.

The disadvantage is that the update is slow. At present, only the first chapter is open, and the later chapters can't be played.

And this game is a female first person perspective. The role is fixed. If you want to play with boys, you can't flirt with girls. It depends on how to optimize it in the follow-up.

Dream detective

I thought it was a fairy tale puzzle game, but after playing it, I found that I was a little naive... This is looking for a difference?!

If you think you have strong observation and good eyesight, raise your hand if you are not blind!

It is strongly recommended that you play this game, and then you will find that if you are not blind, you will become blind

The playing method of this game is that you need to find the person or object illustrated in each different scene diagram. It's very simple to play novice guidance.

The first waiting hall can make people find blind. Even if there is a hint, it's enough. Just tell me where I can find the instant noodles covered with cars

When I gave up the idea of getting full stars in the first level and went to the next level, I found that the first level was really kind

Find three red envelopes with different characteristics on the tree with red envelopes?!

Find scattered firecrackers with different characteristics on the ground where firecrackers have been blasted?!

The production team is the devil! I'd rather go back to the first level to find instant noodles