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What is world voice day? What month is world voice day this year?

Voice discomfort seems to be a small problem. Many people don't care much. However, voice diseases are increasing and deteriorating. In order to arouse people's attention to voice health and strengthen their understanding of addictive diseases, the world voice day has been established internationally. When is the world voice day in 2019? This article brings you the introduction of world voice day and the precautions for daily voice protection. Let's have a look.

what month is world voice day 2019: Tuesday, April 16, March 12 of the lunar calendar

In order to strengthen the understanding and attention to voice health, the American Society of Otolaryngology Head and neck surgery officially named April 16 as' world voice day 'in 2003. April 16 of each year is world voice day, which was officially named by the American Society of Otolaryngology Head and neck surgery in 2003. The main reason for the establishment of this anniversary is that with the acceleration of the pace of life, increasingly frequent social exchanges, the continuous aggravation of environmental pollution and the increase of voice diseases year by year, which has seriously affected people's quality of life and health.

People with voice diseases

Professional sound

Common occupations: teacher, operator, announcer, salesman, salesperson, window industry personnel, singer, etc;

In particular, teachers are the frequent group of chronic pharyngitis. Due to the long working hours of teachers' noise, especially after exceeding a certain time and intensity, the volume and sound quality decline, which is a signal for rest, but most teachers have to continue to use their voice because they are still in class. Such excessive use of their voice is particularly easy to lead to chronic pharyngitis.


Long term smoking and drinking, over 40 years old, with hoarseness and throat discomfort, which can not be cured after half a month of treatment.


Children who are lively, easy to get excited, can keep talking, and love to roar will get sick due to excessive use of vocal cords.

Precautions for daily throat care

Should not stay up late, often go to bed late, easy to increase the burden of the throat.

Due to the hot and dry summer in the north, it is easy to cause symptoms such as dry mouth, throat discomfort and so on. Therefore, a humidifier or a wet towel can be prepared and hung at the head of the bed.

Drink plenty of water to replenish the water lost in the body and relieve throat discomfort.

If symptoms appear, treat them in time. If necessary, take drugs with throat clearing and throat clearing effect such as Manyan shuning, which can effectively treat throat discomfort and other symptoms. Slow Yan Shu lemon can clear away heat and benefit the throat, broaden the chest and moisten the throat. It is used for acute and chronic pharyngitis, tonsillitis, dry throat, nausea, retching, hoarseness, dry and itchy throat and other diseases. It can effectively treat a variety of throat diseases

Breathe through your nose, not through your mouth. If you often breathe through your mouth, inflammatory secretions such as rhinitis and tonsillitis will flow into the throat, leading to chronic pharyngitis.

Healthy diet. Try to reduce the consumption of barbecue and other foods with too much oil, limit wine, and avoid stimulating the throat and causing the burden on the throat.