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Take stock of DNF's top ten career output ability ranking. What's your career ranking?

DNF is a popular game for many years. Although DNF is no longer a new game and there are many new games in recent years, it does not have much impact on players who like to play DNF. What is the ranking of the top ten career output abilities in DNF? Which profession has the strongest output ability? This article brings you the ranking list of DNF's top ten career output abilities. Let's take a look at the ranking of your career.

Top10 Ninja

The assassin of the year. The dead of that year. Bingjie in those days. Because it's a transfer in the dark night! It is doomed that there will be few people and a dark future in the future. According to the top collocation. DPS has her one. Although later I walked with a flashlight to avoid the big knife planned.

9. Ammunition

Ruthless freezing, freezing again, AK like firing speed, breaking protection again and again. After entering the attack range of ammunition, you can only understand that starting is the truth of disability.

However, the ammunition itself is fragile and has no self-defense skills (mines are external objects). It is between seconds and seconds.

Top8. Magic Road

The damage of the stove is not low. Three stoves do not cut blood to solve the black volcanic boss. The black skirt of the maid can cut blood.

Top7. Sword demon

Xiang 9's damage is not low. Civilians also have crack wound and white character equipment.

Top6. Dark Emperor

45 skill damage is amazing. Civilians can also do carry, crack wound and multi white character equipment.

Top5, Asura

The magic war set 0cd output goes against the sky. The so-called super line calls the existence of chaotic Ninja that can't be surpassed. It's impossible for those occupations that can't even surpass the top 4 to be at the top. The empty earth does not move Pluto. Montenegro 6 ends the little ice. Shadow 9 the evil light. Civilians use crack wound or Dragon God to cut blood, and the injury is also blown up.

A blind man who can catch and deceive can only be described as a stable two. He wants defense, meat and meat, attack and attack, and version advantage (here refers to killing intention fluctuation XD). If he wants you two sets, death will never make you stand up for the second time.

Top 4. Ghost cry

Some people say that ghost cry can only be used as an aid, then you are wrong. The video of ghost crying Anxia racing antuni first proves that ghost crying can be output as well! Forget 6 golden wedding Aina tombstone rain! Black soul 9 infinite Carlo! The hell is burning 9 and the ice dissolves three sabres. As a profession that used to kill nothingness 2, ghost cry can be output as well as Gemini poison and empty city tears with the title of cry task, white character pet equipment, Spring Festival pet, sand shadow upper and lower clothes, and Celia.

Top3. Sword soul

It has the national service black fog record, but it still can't rank first. Why. keep an important secret in. Put on the devil's shoulder, pile up the ghost, and take the short sword. The fake solid wound of exploding the sky in its mouth is converted into a 21W percentage. If you want to output without shoulder protection, take the level 20 powder Tai Dao or 80SS short sword.

Top2. Summon

Considering the number of people, there is also a server problem. Although this profession has advantages, it is a little suspended. Not much explanation.

Top1. Red God

Before Antun opened, countless sprayers shouted that the Red God was a waste. After Antun opened, the Red God beat the sprayer's face with infinite blood explosion. This is the magic war, and this is the power of 0cd.

After the bloodthirsty, the ecstatic earth wave flew over, and the red soldier rushed to you at bolt's speed of 100 meters, pulled his head, and then grabbed multiple injuries, caught your muscles and bones broken, broken eggs, and then forced to pick XXX & hellip;

The skill of buying a pile of national clothes makes 6 + 3 angry! Not so luxurious equipment, civilians still have cracks and wounds, cutting out a piece of the future.

Conclusion: This is just the ranking of the average output ability of all classes. Some players play badly, some players are rubbish, and the output is also different. You should have a look. Don't spray if you don't like it.