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Want to whiten your teeth without injury? These tips are easy and natural!

Teeth are important to everyone, as is beauty. Imagine that when you open your mouth, you have yellow teeth. Naturally, others will discount their impression of you in their hearts.

Eating crude fiber food can whiten teeth

Crude fiber food is rich in crude fiber. When we eat and chew crude fiber food, crude fiber food causes certain friction to the teeth, so as to remove the residual food and bacteria adhered to the teeth, reduce tooth decay and whiten the teeth.

Recommended food: leek, celery.

Eating foods rich in calcium can whiten teeth

If the teeth are short of calcium, the teeth must not be white and ugly, because calcium is an important material composition of teeth. Therefore, eating more foods with high calcium in daily life can achieve the effect of healthy whitening.

Recommended food: dairy products, bean products.

Eating foods rich in vitamins can whiten teeth

The trace elements necessary for gum health contain vitamin C. lack of vitamin C will lead to tooth loosening, gum congestion and so on. Therefore, eating more foods containing vitamin C plays an important role in gum health.

Recommended food: tomato, spinach, etc.

Eating fluoride food can whiten teeth

When we brush our teeth, we will find that many toothpastes contain fluorine, because fluorine is one of the necessary substances for whitening and strengthening teeth. At the same time, fluorine has a good effect of preventing tooth decay.

Eating food with bactericidal effect can whiten teeth

A large part of the reason for tooth whiteness is that too many bacteria in the mouth lead to tooth whiteness. For example, Streptococcus mutans is the culprit of tooth decay. Therefore, eating more bactericidal food can effectively remove bacteria in the mouth and achieve the effect of whitening teeth.

Recommended food: onion, ginger, garlic, onion, mustard.

Drink plenty of water to whiten your teeth

In daily life, we think that drinking water is not related to whitening teeth, but dentists tell us that drinking water can keep our gums moist, stimulate the secretion of saliva, take away food residues, reduce the survival rate of bacteria and achieve the effect of whitening teeth.

Here are some daily care tooth whitening methods

1. Clean teeth with baking soda. Dip your toothbrush with some baking soda and brush your teeth normally for three minutes once or twice a week to keep your teeth bright and clean.

2. Lemon juice snow-white teeth. After brushing your teeth every night, dip some lemon juice with gauze and rub your teeth. Your teeth will become white and bright. Lemon has strong cleansing power, snow-white effect, and contains vitamin C, which can strengthen the roots of teeth.

3. Orange peel powder can be used as toothpaste to clean teeth. The orange peel is ground into fine powder. When brushing your teeth every day, add a little toothpaste, which can not only make your teeth white and full of fragrance. Because the orange peel also has a strong anti-corrosion and sterilization effect, it can effectively fix your teeth for a long time.

4. Tips for vinegar to remove tartar and cigarette stains. For people who often smoke, their teeth will be smoked with a layer of black and yellow smoke scale, which is difficult to brush off with toothpaste, but brushing with vinegar can make their teeth snow-white. Contain half a mouthful of vinegar, gargle in the mouth for 2-3 minutes, spit it out, brush your teeth hard, and finally wash with clean water. Repeat several times to remove the smoke scale.

5. Cuttlefish bone powder can effectively clean teeth. Grind cuttlefish bones into fine powder to brush teeth, which can make yellow teeth white