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Is oppo Reno a 5g mobile phone? How big is oppo Reno battery?

This year, mobile communication technology has made great breakthroughs and development. 2019 is called the first year of 5g, because 5g mobile phones have been available since this year, and 5g will be popularized soon, so that everyone can have a smoother and faster experience. At present, oppo Reno, a new series of mobile phones released by oppo, is the most concerned mobile phone model. Is oppo Reno a 5g mobile phone? How about oppo Reno battery? This article brings you an introduction to oppo Reno. Let's have a look.

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Is oppo Reno a 5g mobile phone

Oppo today officially released a new series of mobile phone products of oppo Reno in Shanghai, including the closely watched 10x zoom version of oppo Reno; In terms of price, the price of oppo Reno Standard Version starts from 2999 yuan, and the price of oppo Reno 10x zoom version starts from 3999 yuan.

At the end of the press conference, oppo announced the 5g spark plan and will select old oppo users to 'take the lead in experiencing Reno's 5g version' in the second quarter. Oppo will start recruitment nationwide in May this year. At that time, 200 users will become the first 5g mobile phone users in China.

At today's press conference, oppo rarely talked about the Reno 5g version. According to the information of previous Bluetooth authentication, the oppo mobile phone model cph1921 supports 5g version, which is equipped with 6.65 inch display and supports FHD + resolution; Equipped with 48 million pixels + 8 million pixels + 13 million pixels rear three cameras and 16 million pixels front camera.

Not surprisingly, this oppo phone with the model cph1921 is Reno's 5g version. According to oppo, we will see more news about it as soon as next month.

How big is oppo Reno battery

The battery capacity of oppo Reno ordinary version is 3765mah, and the battery capacity of 10x zoom version is 4065mah, which makes the battery life full of sureness.