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Is the iron man of Avengers 4 dead

Is the iron man of Avengers 4 dead there are still more than ten days to go before the release of "Fulian 4". Many friends know how Fulian 4 will end. Although it is uncertain, the only thing that can be determined is that it is doomed to be very tragic. Some people say that the avenger alliance 4 iron man is dead. Is that true? Let's have a look.

We all know that in Team USA 3, iron man wanted to kill his parents for revenge because he knew that his parents were killed by winter soldiers. The US team had only one good friend left in the winter soldier, who would certainly not let him die, so the civil war began, and iron man fought the American captain. In the end, the two were neck and neck, so they broke up.

Although this matter is not good to Dongbing, it has always been a thorn in the heart of iron man, but also in the heart of the United States team. Therefore, in the story of the fourth couplet, when the iron man is fatally injured, the US team will come forward, because in the matter of the winter soldier, the US team feels that it owes a lot to Tony to pay off the debt.

And Chris, the actor of the U.S. team, also said that his contract has expired and will not play in the U.S. team in the future, and said in the interview that the funeral of the U.S. team in the fourth couplet took up a lot of time. Therefore, the U.S. team is likely to sacrifice for the protection of iron man, and will no longer feel indebted to Tony.

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