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Want to lose expired cosmetics? Don't worry. Let's take a look at this

Girls like to buy cosmetics. If they hoard too much and expire, they can only bear the pain to lose them. They don't want it to hurt their skin. The gains outweigh the losses. In fact, you don't have to be busy losing it. It still plays a great role.

1. Shower Gel

The shower gel has expired. Although it can't be used to wash the body, don't waste it. You can use it to wash the bathtub and make the bathtub clean and fragrant!

2. Emulsion

You can use the expired emulsion as foot massage oil, apply the emulsion to the feet with good feet, massage to absorb it, and protect the skin of the feet. In addition, a small piece of cotton pad is covered with lotion, wrapped on the nail, and removed after 15 minutes, so that nails can grow and shine. There are other uses for expired lotion, including lotion on hair ends after shampoo, and prevention of forking, or coating on the part where hair is to be removed. When shaving cream is used, it is also very good.

3, powdery cake

Use a small cloth bag to put the expired powder into a loose powder bag and put it in the wardrobe or in the shoe. If you accidentally sprinkle water, oil or juice on the carpet, it is recommended to press it with a self-made 'loose powder bag' first, and it will be better to remove the scale later.

4. Lipstick

Some silver jewelry will blacken after wearing for a long time, which can be solved with lipstick. Just put lipstick on the napkin and wipe it repeatedly where the silver jewelry is black. Soon it will return to the shiny state when it was first bought. When the leather shoes or leather goods are worn and broken, and the white primary color leaks out, you can find a lipstick of the same color to apply and cover, and then fill in a little egg white.

5. Make up water

The toner contains alcohol. If it expires, you can use it to wipe the mirror, dressing table, dining table, ceramic tile, range hood, etc. Finally, you can wipe it again with a rag. Moisturizing lotion can be used to maintain leather products such as leather shoes, leather bags and leather sofas.

6. Shampoo

Shampoo is a very good choice for cleaning sheep clothes. Because shampoo contains hair softener, it can make sweaters soft and fragrant. Similarly, it is also very suitable to wash pillow towels and pillowcases with shampoo. In addition, it is also effective to remove the stubborn dirt of the collar with shampoo, because the dirt of the collar is basically polluted by hair or sweat. You can wash it with some shampoo with a toothbrush. You can also pour expired shampoo into the toilet water tank. The washed water not only has a fragrance, but also has a good cleaning effect.

7. Nail washing water

The main component of nail washing water is acetone, which is an organic solvent. You can dip nail washing water with a cotton swab and wipe the light switch or socket. The effect is better than that of detergent. In addition, the mark left on the product by the label of the commodity adhesive can also be easily wiped off with nail washing water.

8, perfume

Spray the expired perfume in restroom, room, car and other space, act as freshener, or spray on clothes to add fragrance. In addition, the use of expired perfume to wipe dirty lamps, that is to clean, the heating of lamps is also conducive to the dissemination of perfume, so that there is light fragrance in the home, play the role of aromatherapy. Some beautiful or special perfume bottles can also be used as vases.

9. Face cream

Apply expired cream to leather wallet, leather handbag, leather shoes and leather sofa.

10. Talcum powder

When the necklace is knotted and wound together, you can easily untie it by pouring a little talcum powder and rubbing it a few times. In addition, applying talcum powder to the place where the refrigerator door seal contacts the refrigerator can prolong the service life of the seal.