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Don't lose the fruit net cover. It's very useful

When buying fruit, there will be a net cover wrapped outside to protect the fruit, but you know, this net cover doesn't need to be lost. There are other uses!

1、 Washable wash basin

The wash basin in the kitchen or bathroom will accumulate some stains over the years. No matter what brush piece or rag you use, you can't remove it one by one. At this time, you can use the fruit net cover, dip some soapy water, wipe with the wash basin, and the stain can disappear. After the fruit net cover is used up, it can also be washed with water, squeezed dry, put into a soap box, and can be used in the future. However, after the test, the effect of using it to clean the stainless steel wash basin is ideal.

2、 Prevent soap from softening

Every time you wash your hands or shower, the soap is wet and put into the box. If the soap is soaked in water for a long time, it is easy to become soft. In order to avoid this phenomenon, you might as well pad the fruit net in the soap box, and then put the soap on it. The fruit net cover can absorb the excess water on the soap. You don't have to worry that the soap is easy to soften, but you have to throw it away.

3、 Anti scalding and heat insulation

The fruit net cover can also be used as a heat insulation mat. When the thermal insulation pad of the dining table at home is not enough, especially when the guests are entertained and the dining table is full of delicacies, the fruit net can play a role. Put the tableware containing hot food on the fruit net cover, which can protect the table from being damaged by high temperature.

4、 Prevent the seat cushion from slipping

In order to feel comfortable in a chair, many people like to add a cushion on it. However, the most annoying thing is that when you sit on the cushion, it often slips. You have to adjust it constantly, which is very troublesome. At this time, you might as well add a fruit net cover between the chair and the cushion, so as to increase the friction between the chair and the cushion and prevent the cushion from sliding down from the chair.

5、 Clean dishes and chopsticks

The fruit net cover contains polyethylene, with high material density and smooth surface, which can absorb water and remove stains and oil stains. Dip it with a little dish cleaner, and then clean the dishes, chopsticks, spoons, etc., which can not only remove the oil stains and dirt, but also leave no scratch marks on the dishes and spoons.