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What are the highlights of the Nokia x71? Is it worth starting? Nokia x71 preferences performance hi

Nokia is an old brand of mobile phone. In those years, Nokia had a large number of users, and its functions and quality were recognized as excellent. Although Nokia mobile phone was depressed a few years ago and had no sense of existence in the mobile phone market, Nokia returned again in the past two years, and many new products released attracted great attention. Recently, Nokia x71 has been released. Many people want to know how to configure Nokia x71 parameters? What are the performance highlights? This article introduces the new highlights of Nokia x71 parameter configuration. Let's have a look.

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What are the performance highlights of Nokia x71 preferences

In early April, Nokia x71 was launched in Taiwan. The main selling points of this product are 48 million pixel camera, hole digging screen and so on. Now, this mobile phone has appeared on the mainland's official website and has opened reservations, including 2199 yuan for the 6 + 64GB version and 2699 yuan for the 6 + 128GB version

Its processor is Xiaolong 660, and the camera is also the core selling point of this new machine. The combination of rear three cameras is 48mp main camera + 8mp ultra wide angle + 5MP depth of field lens.

In terms of appearance, the biggest difference between Nokia x71 and previous products is the addition of hole digging comprehensive screen. Like other hole digging screen phones, the hole digging of Nokia x71 is prepared for the front camera, and the overall screen proportion is still quite high. The forehead is basically removed and the chin is quite narrow. On the back of the mobile phone, its rear three camera and fingerprint module are centered, which is more in line with the aesthetics of obsessive-compulsive disorder. The above is the highlights of Nokia x71 parameter configuration performance brought by Xiaobian for your reference only. I hope it can be helpful to you.