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What is the outcome of Avenger alliance 4? Is Avenger alliance 4 dead

What is the outcome of Avenger alliance 4? Is Avenger alliance 4 dead Recently, the Avengers alliance 4 will land on the big screen. As the end of Marvel's decade, it only makes fans wait for a year. Many friends are guessing what will happen to mieba? Let's have a look.

Guess 1: will the plot show 'time travel'?

In Fulian 3, mieba ransacks everywhere in the universe in order to get unlimited gemstones. In order to prevent mieba from destroying half of the universe, winter soldiers, falcons, scarlet witches, visions, panthers, Groot, star Baron, mantis woman, Dr. strange and spider man all disappear one after another.

Interestingly, the six first generation Avengers survived in "Fulian 3", while many new heroes disappeared, and did not participate in the first New York war.

Therefore, some people speculate that there may be a 'time travel' plot in Fulian 4. The trailer's line 'sometimes all we can do is start over' and the black widow's different colors of hair seem to confirm this. In addition, from the shooting gags of "Fu Lian 4", the scene of the New York war also appeared on the set.

However, some people believe that it is unlikely to reverse time. It may be to use the quantum field to affect the past time and space, so that the heroes of the past can make more appropriate choices.

Guess 2: will ant man and surprise captain 'make a big move'?

As for how to defeat mieba, some netizens speculate that ant people may play a great role.

Netizens speculated that the half of the population that disappeared in Fulian 3 did not die, but entered the soul gem. Relying on their own skills, ant people narrowed themselves to the quantum field, entered the soul gem, and finally joined forces to defeat mieba.

It is also speculated that Captain Marvel may have played a key role in defeating mieba.

Captain Marvel's English name is' Captain Marvel ', which can be called Marvel's most powerful hero in the universe. Therefore, Captain Marvel may lead the people to defeat mieba and recapture the gem.

Guess 3: Captain America and pepper bid farewell to marvel

Previously, in the interview, I was asked which heroes of "Fu Lian 4" will die, Kevin & middot, President of marvel; Fitch said he didn't want anyone to die. But he also said, "Avengers 4" will definitely be an end.

Outside the play, the actors of the older generation of heroes are also saying goodbye. Last year, Chris middot, the actor of Captain America; Evans once wrote that he would bid farewell to marvel and no longer play the captain of the United States.

Gwyneth & middot; Paltrow also revealed that she would bid farewell to Marvel Universe after "couplet 4", because she felt that she was a little old to wear that uniform.

Loki, the most popular villain, will not appear in the Avengers, but Disney previously said it would shoot Loki's independent drama, still by 'shuoshen' Tom & middot; Played by siddleston.

Although reluctant to give up the old generation of superheroes, marvel also needs to explore more possibilities in the future. Compared with the past, Marvel Universe showed a state of 'Yang prosperity and Yin decline', Kevin & middot; Fitch has revealed that there may be more female superheroes in Marvel Universe in the future. This year's Captain Marvel may just be the beginning.