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Taking stock of the world's most worthy visa free islands, saying that going abroad is not a dream

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people like and have the ability to travel abroad. Islands are the favorite places for people to travel abroad, but many countries need visas, which limits people's travel plans. So which islands can go without a visa? In this article, I'll take stock of the most valuable and visa free Island recommendations in the world. Let's see what can attract you.

Longmu Island

It is only a water away from Bali, but Longmu island seems to have stayed in the time 20 years ago.

Snorkeling in the green water as clear as a gem and hiking in the active volcano rated by lonely planet as a must in this life; Through tropical rain forests and high mountains and canyons, indulge in the unique Southern Cross in the southern hemisphere and the sexiest Pink Beach in the world. Its extreme scenery amazes the world.

There are three small islands to the west of Longmu Island, which form the Geely islands, referred to as a, t and m, which are known as the 'three treasures in the Indian Ocean'.

In the undersea world rarely visited by people on island a and island m, you can dance with mysterious undersea creatures among the huge coral reefs and feel the pure primitive beauty. T island is a paradise for young people. Night parties and various programs make it the most famous Party Island.

Here, the most famous St. Gigi beach can enjoy the beautiful sunset of the Strait. Three Mile net red and Pink Beach was named the sexiest beach in the world by Newsweek. The light red coral in the white sand is more pink in the sun, and the girl's heart burst.

But what makes Longmu island most different is its most famous active volcano in Southeast Asia, Lingani volcano, with an altitude of 3726 meters. Its summit has hot springs and dazzling volcanic lakes. For volcanic fans, this journey is like the body in hell, the eyes in heaven and the soul in practice. And this is making it a unique victory experience in the world.


With visa free, direct flight and no jet lag, Bali is a paradise for all holidaymakers.

Ins bloggers enjoy swimming in the unimaginable boundless swimming pool; Hotel controller is keen on punch in luxury hotel brand; Petty bourgeois travelers enjoy roadside coffee with great interest; Literary and artistic lovers run several blocks for their favorite works of Art & hellip& hellip; But these are only 1% of the beauty of Bali.

Penida island is an outlying island of Bali. As a haven that has not been completely occupied, it has caused quite a stir among online bloggers.

Angel \'s billabon, a natural boundless swimming pool, is only a line away from the sea. Keling faces the Indian Ocean and Crystal Bay, a world-class diving point. From July to October every year, it is the only place in the world where giant moon fish and 3-meter-long Mambo fish can be seen.

I've seen the dolphins in Rowena at 5 a.m. before I really came to Bali. Lovina is located in a quiet seaside town in the north of Bali. Its unique black beach is made of volcanic rocks washed by the sea for a long time.

From 5 a.m. every day, dolphins will jump on the distant sea. Find an experienced captain to take you to the best viewing point in order to live up to this trip.

In the evening, you can also go for a walk on the Rowena beach, drink a bottle of the most famous Bintang beer, listen to reggae music and enjoy the sunset. There are many such moments in Bali.

Mindan Island

It is only 45 minutes away from Singapore by ferry. Mindan Island, a visa free Island, has always been regarded as the back garden of Singapore. Unlike other islands, Mindan island's exciting adventure gene is very suitable for travelers who love excitement.

To visit Mindan Island, you must go deep into the mangroves comparable to the Amazon and start an adventure in the primitive jungle. It is called a place of God's blessing. Only Mindan Island survived the 2004 Indonesian tsunami. Take a boat along the river course of Simeng River and slowly drive into the depths of the jungle. You can reach out to touch the plants on the shore. Along the way, you can also meet silver leaf monkeys, python, chameleon, lizards and other rare animals.

What's more valuable is that at night in Simeng River, you can also meet the forest of fireflies more dreamy than New Zealand. Above the whole waterway, there are fireflies flying all over the sky, like a fairy tale dream.

Immerse yourself in the dreamy scenery one second, fly high into the sky the next, and enjoy the extremely exciting open cockpit seaplane. Then go to the small and fresh green plant paradise - ecological farm to experience personally cultivating and watering vegetables.

From the towering tropical forest to the long silver beach, enjoy your holiday in this natural resort with sunshine all year round.

Tonga sea area

Tonga sounds strange, but when it comes to chasing whales, it must be your best choice. As one of the few countries in the world that can experience swimming with whales, humpback whales from the polar region gather in Tonga waters every June, and do not leave until the end of October.

Every August is the busiest time in Tonga. The visit of big winged whales brings whale watchers from all over the world here. Jump into the sea, meet whales and play together. The scene of "dancing with whales" represents the island's most valuable respect for ecology. Don't just be moved by the beautiful song, they will occasionally attack you gently.

Of course, the only ancient kingdom among many islands in Oceania is like the Pearl God sprinkled on the world, and there are more wonderful surprises.

After watching whales, you can go diving in an undersea cave not far from wawau island. 173 islands, most of which are uninhabited. Stepping on these isolated pure lands, you can meet all kinds of rare tropical animals and plants, atolls and lagoons.

Just to the west of the international date change line, Tonga is also the first country in the world to start a new day! Bathed in the first ray of sunshine, I listened to the sound of fountains as the waves passed through the coral reef holes stretching hundreds of meters. If you haven't come in person, I'm afraid you can never imagine such a wonderful place in the world.


Menado, the 'No.1 diving ground in the world', is the legendary origin of life on earth. Until now, on average, new species are born every 20 years. It is a 'Mecca holy land' for people who really love the sea.

As the "world's best diving place" worthy of the name, the average water temperature of Menado is maintained at 28 ℃ all the year round. After passing through the white sand with a water depth of only knee from the towering sea cliff, the coral jungle with a coverage of more than 95% and the submarine fault with a sudden drop of 300 meters will appear immediately.

In the blue sea area, 70% of the fish in the Pacific Ocean are gathered, and there are various marine organisms cruising between the faults. 30 meters below the seabed, strange coral and more than 3000 kinds of tropical fish are still waiting for you. The diving trip is like a dream.

The whole city of Menado is permeated with a warm and hospitable atmosphere, because it has become the first overseas colony of the Netherlands as early as the 16th century. More than 90% of the residents are Christians due to long-term European rule. More than 200 churches are distributed in small towns, known as' little Jerusalem '.

In addition to the world's fourth highest statue of Christ in the open arms, Meina is protected like an active volcano in the middle of the sea - luoken volcano, which is nourished by fertile volcanic ash. The whole volcano is densely planted with clouds on the top of the mountain. Both the far view and the close view are extremely spectacular, quietly guarding Menado for generations.


'the last garden of Eden on earth '- Seychelles, shining like the third pearl in the Indian Ocean, is listed as one of the 50 destinations in a lifetime by lonely planet.

It has attracted countless celebrities, including Prince William and his wife, George Clooney and his wife, Beckham and J.K. Rowling, to go on vacation. It is also a luxury resort for the rich all over the world. Compared with luxury experience, Seychelles is most infatuated with its extremely pure natural scenery.

With clear water and white sand, coconut trees everywhere and birds passing through the sky, Seychelles has the world's top beaches. With its extremely beautiful coastline with high recognition, de Ajan beach has continuously ranked first in the world; The busiest beauvalon beach has an invincible sunset landscape; ' Lazio beach, the cleanest beach in the world, ranks third. Huge granite stands on the coast and is inaccessible.

Buvalon, which stretches for 4 kilometers, is the most famous cultural center in Seychelles. The sea water can show up to 6 kinds of gradient colors through the refraction of sunlight. Novelist Ian? Fleming also wrote a series of novels 007 here.

Not only that, Seychelles also brings together some of the best resorts in the world. The setting sun is red and strong, and the clouds evaporate after the rain. In the resort, explore the natural beaches and jungles, and climb the highest part of the island to enjoy the scenery; Or snorkeling in the glass like sea water, rowing and swaying on the nearly transparent Bay. These unprecedented experiences are perfect.