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How to quickly eliminate kiss marks? A few moves to make you no longer embarrassed

Many people leave marks when they are close to their partners. So it's always a little embarrassing to go out. How can we eliminate it quickly?

1. Apply hot towel on the bite mark to remove hot compress;

2. When the skin is not allergic and the wound does not fester, use one vitamin E capsule, squeeze it on the clean skin surface and apply it three times a day.

3. Wash this place with hot water when taking a bath, and then rub it repeatedly with your hands. The bite marks will be eliminated faster;

4. You can also use an appropriate amount of pearl powder to mix egg white or warm water and apply it to the bite mark for half an hour every day. (PS: when the skin is not allergic and the wound does not fester).

5. When the skin is not allergic and the wound is not ulcerated, apply fresh cucumber slices to the bite marks, which can be eliminated soon.

6. Massage can help promote blood circulation and reduce the damage caused by kiss marks. Gently massage the kiss mark with two fingers, draw a circle, clockwise or counterclockwise, and keep one direction. After a minute, change the direction, repeat several times, and slowly take effect.

7. If it's too late, you'll have to cover up the bite marks. This is a method of treating symptoms rather than root causes, which is used for emergency. The most effective ones are some green concealer, which are used to blend the reddish skin. Remember to use the concealer and paint it with a lighter skin than the skin one. It looks more natural. Then when winter comes, you can also wear a turtleneck sweater or scarf or any collar clothes to cover it. You can cover it with long hair.