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Which is better, Huawei mate series or P series? Differences between Huawei mate series and P series

in recent years, domestic mobile phones have become more and more influential in the mobile phone brand market. The functions and quality of many domestic mobile phone brands have been recognized by the majority of consumers, especially Huawei, as the leader of domestic mobile phone brands, the user base of Huawei mobile phones has become larger and larger in recent years. At present, Huawei not only has a strong influence in the domestic market, but also has a very good reputation in the overseas market. At present, the main products of Huawei mobile phones are mate series and P series. Many consumers will worry about choosing mate series or P series when choosing Huawei mobile phones. So which is better, mate series or P series? This article introduces the differences between mate series and P series of Huawei mobile phones. Let's have a look.

First point: in terms of the appearance design of mobile phones, the overall design style of Huawei mate series is relatively mature and more suitable for business people. In short, it is a little old-fashioned. It may be a little better for men, but women will definitely not choose this series. Huawei's P series is different. It mainly faces some young consumers, and young consumers like more fashionable things. Therefore, the color scheme and gradient of the P series from the back are in line with a fashionable level. If users want to choose from the appearance of mobile phones, choose Huawei's Mate Series for those who like mature and stable, and Huawei's P series for those who like fashion and good-looking.

Second point: from the perspective of mobile phone photography, Huawei's mobile phones have made great progress in photography. This year's new models occupy the first place in the list, surpassing the flagship mobile phones of the other two brands. It has to be said that Huawei has made great efforts in photography. In Huawei's P series and mate series, the strength of photography is still relatively strong, but you should know that there are some differences in the positioning of the two series, one for young consumers and the other for business people. Therefore, although there is little difference in photography, it is obvious that P series has more advantages, If users who are more in pursuit of photographing function can choose P series when choosing these two series, for example, we can consider starting with the P30 series models released this year.

The third point: in terms of the hardware performance of the mobile phone, the processor is the soul of the mobile phone, so it is impossible for us to ignore this when selecting the series. For these two series, under the same number, the performance of the mate series is to use a high-level processor, and the P series is only a little behind. That is, when the mate series uses the Kirin 980, the P series only uses the Kirin 970. If you want users with better performance, it is recommended to choose the mate series. After all, we can enjoy better performance, Although the processors used in the P series will not lag behind, they are certainly not as good as higher-level processors on the whole. This year's Huawei P30 series uses the Kirin 980 processor, so the mate30 series is likely to use the Kirin 990 processor, which has always been a little higher in performance than the P series. If you like Huawei mobile phone users and are more in pursuit of performance, you can wait for the emergence of new models.

Generally speaking, the two series have their own advantages. For example, the P series has a higher face value and better photographing performance, while Huawei's mate series has better hardware configuration and more business functions. To put it bluntly, how we choose depends on our own needs, not that these two series must be which is better and which is not. You can choose your own products according to your own needs. I hope the above contents can be helpful to you.