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How to lose face with big cheeks tips for losing face with small cheeks

How to lose face with big cheeks tips for losing face with small cheeks now people tend to have a melon seed face. Many girls are distressed because they have big cheeks. How can they lose face? Let's take a look at the tips of thin face.

How can you thin your face with big cheeks

Massage can solve this problem well, but we still need to pay attention to many problems. Generally, we choose to massage the masseter muscle. The cheek is big, how to thin the face, quietly bite the cheek and let the masseter muscle bulge out. Then clench your fists with both hands and quietly knead the masseter muscle with the four fingers of your fist for 10 minutes.

In addition to massage can solve the problem of large face, the quickest way is to choose thin face needle, which is also a very good method. The effect of face slimming needle is not 100%. After several injections, a few people will have antibodies to botulinum toxin, which will weaken the effect of face slimming. Moreover, if the injection amount is wrong, asymmetry may also occur on both cheeks.

Why are your cheeks getting bigger and bigger

Congenital reasons, in young children, the baby fat on the face will not appear, which needs to be changed through surgery. The reasons for facial masseter hypertrophy are mainly congenital and postnatal factors. The congenital reason is related to heredity, that is, the square face of father or mother is passed on to daughter.

The day after tomorrow is like to eat hard things. There will still be great problems after a long time. You need to pay attention to your diet. The latter is usually related to some living habits, such as chewing hard food, such as shredded squid, beef jerky or gum, which will lead to excessive movement of jaw muscles and hypertrophy of chewing muscles, thus forming the square face. Masseter hypertrophy is often accompanied by mandibular angle hypertrophy and mandibular angle valgus.