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What is the reason of baby crying? How does darling cry at night coax?

for the new parents, the arrival of the baby makes us both surprised and happy. With the cry of the delivery room, the journey of a new life begins. For a long time, the baby communicates with TA's parents through the cry. Find out the reason of baby crying, so that the novice mom and dad will not be in a hurry.

The baby is hungry. Before I was a mother, I thought that the baby was crying from birth. After I was a mother, I knew that the baby would only use crying to convey himself when he was not comfortable. When the baby is hungry, TA will constantly swing his small head left and right, lick everywhere, and make an en ~ en ~ en ~ sound. At this time, the mother gently puts her finger on the baby's lips, and the baby will suck like a reflex, that is to say, I should eat!

Baby pulled Baba or peed. The baby also likes to dry his butt like an adult. If he has a lot of Baba or heavy urine bag on his butt, he must be unhappy, so he will remind his parents to clean himself by crying.

The baby is hot or cold. Many novice parents will check whether the baby's hands are cold from time to time to determine whether to add or remove clothes. But often ignore the fact that babies are more afraid of heat than adults. Once the baby's palm is hot and feels sticky sweat, the baby also shows restlessness, which is to convey that I wear more! Normally, the baby can only wear less than the mother, not more than the mother. For example, if the mother wears two pieces, the baby must not wear three or two and a half pieces, because the baby's body temperature is higher than that of the adult, so it is more afraid of heat.

The baby is upset in the stomach. Excluding the pathological reasons, many newborns will have some gastrointestinal problems more or less. Such as diarrhea, flatulence, constipation and other common problems. This is because the baby is too small gastrointestinal function is not perfect, resulting in dyspepsia and the above problems. As the baby grows older, these problems will be solved slowly. However, many parents love their baby's pain, and can't help but take some proprietary Chinese medicine for the baby, which has little impact. It's better to have professional pediatrician's guidance.

The baby needs a hug from Mom and dad. Many new born babies leave their mother's womb, which is a greenhouse lacking in security, especially those who fall asleep at night and suddenly wake up crying. Mom and dad check no hunger, urine and other physiological crying, just need to pick up the baby gently coax, do not need to go to sleep for a long time. There is also a baby in the daytime full of a person playing there for a long time, suddenly crying, mostly also want to hug.

The baby is eager for her father or mother to play with her for a while. Don't think the baby is small and doesn't understand the fun of playing. In fact, he / she loves playing more than his / her parents. Whether it's toys that can make a sound or colorful paper or clothes, it will attract the attention of the baby. When your mother knows later, how excited he / she is when you babble with your baby about the language he / she doesn't understand (in fact, just imitating the baby's voice).