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What are the light luxury brands? Top ten light luxury brands

Luxury brand bags are not cheap because of their exquisite workmanship, high-end design and deep brand value. Many women like luxury bags very much. Luxury bags are not only the representative of quality, but also the representative of taste. Light luxury brands are also very popular. What are the light luxury brands? This article brings you the introduction of the top ten light luxury brands. Let's have a look.

Top ten light luxury brands


Prada's sub line brand was established in 1993. The brand name comes from the nickname of miss Miuccia Prada, the third generation successor of Prada. Frank and full of experimental style, pay attention to elegance, refinement and no lack of interest, and give full play to femininity to the extreme.


Tory burch was founded in February 2004. It is a practical fashion lifestyle brand, derived from the classic American sports fashion style, full of unrestrained vitality and feeling, classic design elements and modern fashion feelings.


DKNY is actually the abbreviation of Donna Karan New York. It is also a young brand created by designer Donna Karan for her increasingly mature daughter Gabby, which was officially launched in 1988. DKNY integrates the spirit of independence and freedom of New York into the design and adds a special youthful vitality.

4.Kate Spade

Founded by Katherine Noel brosnahan, it is popular in New York with simple and flexible modeling, bright and bold colors and lively and interesting life attitude. It shows Kate Spade New York Girls' beautiful vision and fearlessness for the future with bold colors with infinite vitality.

5.Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani is a sub line brand designed for young people by Giorgio Armani, a famous Italian brand. In 1981, George & middot; Mr. Armani opened the first amparo & middot in Milan; Armani special store, focusing on the production of luxury goods, in recent years, amprio & middot; Armani also opened Emporio Armani Caffe in 12 different cities around the world, such as Paris and Osaka, integrating the concepts of music, food and interior design aesthetics, and displaying the leisure life philosophy of a generation of famous Italian teachers for ordinary people.


Marc by Marc Jacobs is the young vice brand of Marc Jacobs. The brand is made by Mark & middot, the American designer who once took charge of Louis Vuitton; Founded by Jacob, he made good use of the variety of colors and the coordination between cold and warm colors. Once he was listed, he was highly sought after by young people.


MOSCHINO is a young Milan brand named after designer Franco MOSCHINO and has been founded for 20 years. It is famous for its strange design. The design style takes nobility, charm, fashion, humor and playfulness as the main line. There are three routes under its banner, namely couture, which is mainly high unit price formal clothes, cheap chic, which is a sub brand with low unit price, and jeans series.

8.Louis Quatorze

Louis quatorze means the Sun King Louis XIV in French. It also represents' Louis XIV ', who is famous for beauty and romance. Louis quatorze continues the well-known French noble blood of elegance and knowledge, and integrates classics and elegance with ingenuity and exquisite handicrafts.

9.D G

D g was launched in 1994. As the sub line of Dolce Gabbana, it has become a popular symbol of European style that young people yearn for. It's not too much to describe this brand with ancient spirit and spirit. D G is deeply infatuated with the classical romance of Sicily and combines all kinds of customs from Italy. Its incredible collocation vividly combines classical and modern, giving people a strong visual impact.


MCM brand was founded in Munich, Germany in 1976. MCM was the first to make leather products. In the 80s of last century, the brand was in its prime. MCM produced more than five hundred products including jewelry, watches, perfume, clothing, bags, and small leather goods. Its fashionable, luxurious and practical products sell well.