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What is the relationship between little CK and CK? Small CK most popular bag recommendation

CK is a very famous luxury brand. Many people like the bags of CK brand. However, in recent years, a brand named 'small CK' has suddenly appeared in China. Unlike CK, the bag price of small CK brand is very close to the people. Many people are curious about the relationship between CK and little CK? This article brings you the answer to the relationship between CK and xiaock, as well as the most popular bag recommendation of xiaock. Let's learn about it.

what is the relationship between little CK and CK

Small CK has nothing to do with CK. The two names are just the same abbreviation. CK's full name is Calvin Klein, which is the largest designer brand in the United States. The full name of little CK is Calvin Klein and the abbreviation is CK. It is a brand in Singapore. CK is a luxury, but the price of shoes and bags of small CK is about 250-500. Compared with CK, it is a cheap brand.

Small CK bag recommended

1. Trapezoidal package

Trapezoidal bags with different colors and styles are suitable for many occasions, especially for working women. They are very temperament.

2. Handbag

The small one is a new product in autumn. It looks like a milk box from the side. It's cute and soft.

3. Soft leather bag

After introducing several hard leather bags, let's take a look at soft leather bags. These two bags are also very versatile.

4. Soft leather shoulder bag

This bag on the left is very girlish in both color and shape, so people can want to have it!

5. Tassel bag

I especially recommend this one shoulder bag with tassels. I saw a beautiful little sister carrying the same bag on the road a few days ago. The upper body effect is really good!

6. U-shaped bag

As for the U-shaped bag, it is simply the combination of ordinary square bag and circular bag, with both straight and regular horizontal and vertical lines and semicircular arcs&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;