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What should we pay attention to when driving on the highway? Precautions for driving at high speed t

The Qingming Festival has passed, but there will be a long may day holiday soon. Many people plan to travel by car or drive home during the May Day holiday, so there will be a lot of high-speed vehicles. So what should we pay attention to when driving on the highway? This article brings you the precautions for high-speed driving. Let's learn about it to ensure safe driving on the highway.

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Precautions for high speed driving

Do not occupy the emergency lane

The expressway is most forbidden to occupy the emergency lane. The annual high-speed travel is free, and various accidents will be encountered on the high-speed road. At this time, give way to the emergency lane, so that vehicles such as rescue, fire fighting and traffic management can arrive in time, which can dredge the traffic well and save people's lives at critical moments.

The service area does not stay for a long time

During the free expressway, the number of vehicles on the expressway increased sharply, which also brought reception pressure to the service area. Due to the limited area of many expressway service areas, it is even difficult to park. It is suggested that drivers should shorten their stay in the service area as far as possible to make the circulation efficiency in the service area higher. Therefore, be sure to fill up the gas before departure. After going to the bathroom for a short rest, you should leave.

Check spare wheel and preparation tools

According to past experience, the accident rate during holidays is higher than usual. The traffic police suggest that car owners prepare spare tires, repair vehicles and simple rescue tools in the car. In case of traffic jams or accidents ahead, the tools you prepare may be able to help yourself and others. Food and drinking water must be prepared on the vehicle. Qualified drivers can be equipped with tachograph to provide video evidence in case of an accident.

Turn on lights when changing lanes to avoid rear end collision

According to the experience of previous years, the most common traffic accident during the free high-speed period is rear end collision, which is also the culprit of high-speed congestion. Almost all such accidents are caused by car owners changing lanes at will. Therefore, when changing lanes on the expressway, the driver must turn on the turn signal in advance, and then look at the rear-view mirrors on the left and right sides to make sure it is safe before changing lanes.

Maintain a safe distance between vehicles

There are no traffic lights in the whole process of the expressway. If the vehicle spacing is too close, the vehicle in front suddenly brakes and the vehicle behind does not respond in time, it is easy to cause rear end collision. Therefore, you can't be distracted on the expressway and always keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front: when the vehicle is driving at a speed of more than 100km / h on the expressway, the distance between vehicles should be kept between 100m. If there are too many vehicles and the speed slows down, the spacing should also be about 50m.

Change the trip in time in case of heavy traffic jam

If you encounter a large area of traffic jam on the expressway during holidays, and timely determine that the traffic jam is very serious through the network, traffic police department and traffic broadcast, it is recommended to change the journey appropriately, get off the expressway from the nearest exit, take the national highway or take a temporary rest nearby, and start again the next day to avoid long-term congestion, ruin your travel interest and reduce fatigue.

The above is the relevant information about the precautions for high-speed driving. Friends who want to drive on their own during the holidays must remember these points to ensure their driving safety on the highway.