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How should dry skin be maintained? Remember these steps

Everyone's skin is different. Some people's skin is oily and some people's skin is dry. The easiest thing for oily skin is acne, and dry skin is easy to peel off. Especially in winter, the climate is relatively dry. At this time, dry skin will become more dry. So how should dry skin be maintained?

First of all, it is best to wear soft cotton clothes or natural fiber fabrics such as silk. The underwear with chemical fiber texture will produce static electricity with the body surface in a dry environment, aggravating skin pruritus. In addition, clothes should be as loose as possible. Too tight clothes will increase friction with the body and aggravate itching symptoms.

Second, ensure that the amount of drinking water is not less than 2000 ml (8 cups of water) every day. If possible, it is best to use humidifier in the room, which can effectively improve the indoor dry environment and reduce the inducement of skin itching.

Third, drink more black tea. Because tea is rich in trace element manganese, of which black tea is the most. Manganese can ensure normal sebum metabolism, prevent dry skin, promote the accumulation of vitamin B6 in the liver and enhance the function of anti dermatitis. In addition, Chinese cabbage, spinach and soybeans also contain manganese, which can be supplemented more.

Fourth, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less garlic, pepper and other stimulating food, and avoid the stimulation of tobacco and alcohol.

Fifth, don't take a bath too often. Just wash it once every two days. Excessive cleaning will wash away the protective oil on the skin surface; The bath water should not be overheated. It is best to keep the water temperature at about 25 ℃. Overheated water will destroy the sebum film and make the skin drier; Don't use too many bath products. It's best to choose neutral ones; After taking a bath, if you feel itchy, try not to scratch, but apply moisturizer to moisturize your skin.

Finally, we should ensure that the stool is unobstructed every day to fully discharge the toxins in the body. Because some toxins in the body will be discharged with sweat, which is also one of the reasons for skin itching.