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How to practice abdominal muscles the most effective way to exercise abdominal muscles

How to practice abdominal muscles the most effective way to exercise abdominal muscles every man wants to have eight abdominal muscles. However, the ideal is very plump and the reality is very skinny. Many friends just lose weight after exercise, so how can they exercise their abdominal muscles? Let's have a look.

Eight pack abs is a man's dream, but you have to pay for them. Only through continuous training can your abs be expected. Xiaobian here recommends four methods to exercise abdominal muscles: flat support, air pedaling, supine curling and supine leg lifting. You can do it at home without going to the gym.

Plate support

Plate support can effectively exercise the transverse abdominal muscle, shoulder and elbow joint into 90 & deg;, Straighten the trunk, keep the head at the same level as the crotch and shoulder, tighten the abdominal muscles, look at the ground and breathe evenly.

Air pedaling

Lie on your back on the mat, put your hands on both sides of your head and open your arms. Lift your legs and pedal slowly (i.e. pedal a bicycle). Straighten your left leg, twist your body to the right, put your left elbow close to your right knee, and then take turns left and right.

Supine tummy

This method is a classic way to exercise abdominal muscles. On the bed and yoga mat, we lie down and bend our knees, and then force our abdomen to touch our hands on our knees. At this time, you should pay attention to your neck. If your neck is a little sore, you should pay attention to it. This is an abnormal phenomenon. When we practice, we should focus on our abdomen and make our abdomen feel curled up.

Supine leg lift

Supine leg lifting acts on the lower abdomen and lower waist. For beginners or people with weak waist strength, you can bend your legs to perform this action to reduce the difficulty; It should be noted that do not touch the ground when swinging your legs.