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What are the highest grossing films in China in 2018? Among the top ten box office charts in 2018, o

Nowadays, the development of the film market is developing rapidly due to the needs of the public. There are many new films every year, and many high-quality films stand out. Among the many films released in China in the past 2018, which films have the highest box office performance? This article brings you the top ten films with the highest box office performance in 2018. How many have you seen together.

1、 Operation Red Sea

Among the top ten at the box office in 2018, the scene of Red Sea action is very shocking. The compact plot makes people look like a urine free point in the whole process, emphasizing the spirit of unity. There is no personal heroism plot in it, and the ending without procrastination is perfect.

Box office: 3.645 billion

2、 Chinatown detective 2

With the high reputation of the first film, this "Chinatown detective 2" has also been highly praised. The plot belongs to the same funny case solving style as the previous one. The treatment of closely linked plot connection is still very good, so there are reasons for the high box office.

Box office: 339666 million

3、 I'm not a god of Medicine

"I'm not a god of medicine", a film reflecting human nature, is a dark horse. It is rare in the domestic film circle. It has smooth editing and humorous language, and each character image is well portrayed, so it won the hearts of the audience.

Box office: 3099 million

4、 The richest man in Xihong City

The richest man in Xihong city is a movie that can be watched several times. Every comic burden is shaking in place, so it is full of laughter, but in fact, behind the full laughter is a choice about people in front of money and love.

Box office: 2.535 billion

5、 Avengers 3: Infinite War

As the most popular movie of Marvel heroes, the Avengers 3: Infinite War really fascinates many people. Similarly, the super shocking pictures and scenes are done very well, and many unexpected pain points are also one of the reasons why the box office exceeds the box office.

Box office: 2.39 billion

6、 Catching demons 2

Among the top ten at the box office in 2018, the film reviews of demon catching 2 are mixed. Many people say that the box office can sell well because of the participation of Tony Leung, but many viewers also think it is very good. If you look at the plot carefully, it is still worth remembering.

Box office: 223665 million

7、 Jurassic world 2

Jurassic world 2 can be said to be a film suitable for a family to watch together. The simple and direct plot looks very attractive. The exaggerated and shocking special effects make the image of dinosaurs hit the heart directly. The most important thing is that there are many wonderful and attractive points.

Box office: 1.696 billion

8、 Ex 3: Goodbye ex

Ex 3: goodbye to ex is another film that has seen many people cry. Although it is said that the whole film has no great innovation, the plot of realistic ridicule poked many people's laughter and tears.

Box office: 1.646 billion

9、 Number one player

The number one player can be said to have done a very good job in all aspects. With the easy to understand plot and the vision of science fiction, each picture can be said to make people's adrenaline surge and heart beat faster, so it has also become a very popular film in 2018.

Box office: 1.397 billion

10、 "Later us"

"Later we" also makes people feel empathy in the top 10 of the 2018 box office list. It can poke people's inner love plot and the process of fighting. However, the words of the whole film have nothing in common.

Box office: 1.361 billion